Faint Straight Away... THAT'S Inspiration!!

(custom order for Kat)
(Custom order for Kat)

New in Shop today!
Now also reserved for KAT

Busy night in the studio last night.... doing up a couple of custom orders and a few pieces to list in the shop today. Finally got my gift boxes (hallelujah!!) from Notable Notions. PHEW! It took some time but was worth it...a huge box of 100 boxes all different sizes. TOTALLY worth it.
I was fresh out about 2 weeks ago and have been using some handmade boxes (that work well but take time to make!)

Looking for some real inspiration!? Check out Andrew Thornton's post- he just finished 5 new necklaces....all fabulous and so inspiring. (between you and me, he is one of my 2 favorite designers EVER. The other- the lovely and talented Heather Wynn. I think I would faint straight away if I ever met either one of them in person.)

one of Andrew's newest pieces. Perfect for FALL!


  1. I love them all! You've been busy! I saw Andrew's necklaces on his blog - so fabulous. I met him at Bead & Button. He's very nice - no need to faint. :)

  2. I think you, Andrew and Heather are all great - so inspiring! I am so glad I stumbled upon this little beading "community" online!

  3. These are scrumptious! I also like the varying texture and pattern on the necklaces on your post earlier in the week. It's so cool how you see how different things can be put together to create something harmonious :)

  4. Ohhh! LOVE them! Who is this lucky Kat person anyway?!

  5. WOW --- wonderful creations ... seems as if you've outdone yourself. I'm sure Kat will be extremely happy ... :)

  6. LOVE that linky necklace!

  7. Anonymous9/09/2008

    Fantastic bracelets, Lorelei!
    Andrew's pieces are incredible as well...Is there somewhere to buy his work?

  8. Thank you ladies!! It's always so nice to hear feedback on jewelry. I usually just have Joe's opinion and he says everything is "pretty". lol

    Christi- you might be able to purchase directly from Andrew, I'm not sure. But as far as I know, most of his designs are usually sent to publications.
    Let me know if you ever work out a purchase with him. I'd be anxious to know.

  9. Oh, Lorelei! You've done a masterful job with your necklaces. You're one of my new favorite designers as well! And I absolutely ADORE Heather Wynn. She's a real gem. She makes beautiful work and she has a beautiful heart.

    Ha ha ha... please don't faint if you see me. I'm just another creative spirit and I'd much rather sit down and make some stuff with you rather than rush you to the emergency room!

    (Oh! Yes, you are correct. I usually only design for books, publications, and the occasional sample necklace for trade shows. I do some custom work and occasionally have studio visits, but for the most part I keep a low profile on the retail end when it comes to my own jewelry.)

    P.S. You're great!

  10. Andrew,
    You are sooo sweet to say these things. :)

    you're my favorite.


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