In other news: Wanna join in the fun of a charm or bead exchange with Lynn and I? Go and leave a comment on her post and let her know you want in!
(She's looking for 6-7 people )


  1. Hi Lorelei! I just commented on Lynn's post. I'd be so psyched if
    I could join you guys in the exchange...

  2. Hey, if more than a few want to join in, I'm thinking we get even more charms or beads, but personally I don't know if I can make more than 10 of one thing - I guess it wouldn't matter if they aren't totally alike. There are no RULES just fun!

    So click on the photo of the RINGLEADER of LLYYNN to email if you want to play along - and Lorelei thanks for getting out the word!

  3. Love the poster, Lorelei! ;) hehe.

    I also would love to participate in the bead exchange! Emailing Lynn now..


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