I hate Mondays

Another sleepless night due to high winds in our area. Thanks a lot Ike!
It'll be a miracle if I get through this day. I'm already running on empty.
Had a productive weekend, got some of my projects for my super secret publication projects done. Have a few more to do. Then I've gotta type them all up.
Worked on some bracelets and earrings over the weekend. Which went well. 2 of the 4 sold already! I was playing around with some new designs. Michae's was having a huge blowout sale on some of their jewelry supplies and I found this awesome wood material chain for $2!

The little red bird bracelet from Saturday, went over really well so I thought I would make another in a similar style. In this one, I showcased a cute little Earthenwood Studio Pine cone, and some ceramic beads from Golem Studios. It has that nice earthy feel that I think is popular right now.
Then I practiced making some earring wires. This is a pretty good attempt out of the ones I tried. I paired them up with some Round Rabbit ceramic square buttons. I also tried to make a wire wrapped ring using one of these buttons, but it's a lot harder than you might think!! Plus, I think I got talked into a bum ring mandrel because it's not completely round which causes the ring to be all funky. SO much for that!

I also played around with some new photography for my jewelry. As you can see, I used some pretty fall leaves that I found in my backyard! I wish I had these available all year round! They make the most beautiful backdrop for jewelry!!

And when I wasn't doing jewelry, I was fighting my girl for some computer time, who apparently thought that I should be paying more attention to her. As you can see here.
"You weren't needing THIS were you?"


  1. I hate Mondays too Lorelei.... Gotta love our fur-babies! Mine always demand my attention too!

  2. I cleaned one of our Michael's stores out of the same wood link chain a few weeks ago, plus a number of other wood beads. neat! I like what you did with yours.

  3. Hi Jennifer!
    ooooo what did you do with your wood chain??
    It's so funky isn't it?? I'm sure the possibilities are endless! My first initial thought when I saw was charm bracelet.

  4. Hi Lorelei,
    I recently found an article on how to preserve leaves! Something about soaking in glycerin (I think.) I don't remember how long they last once treated, but if you're interested, let me know and I'd be happy to forward the info. Our leaves haven't started turning yet, so I set the article aside for later.
    That wood chain is really cool!

  5. Your kitteh is so disapproving of your time management skills! ;)

  6. i love that wood chain!!! your new photos also look great.

    hope you survived Monday :)

  7. I love the "cattitude"! He is one cute fur ball!

  8. Looks like the cat was up last night, too...(I'm a few hours north in Maine, and it was like a freight train coming through this morning)...re: the leaves: go to your local florist and ask them. We used to get preserved leaves to stick in floral arrangements. Save yourself the effort.

  9. You know, our cat has been doing the same thing lately. She hates it when we're gone all day and we finally decide to grace the downstairs with our presence, so that -clearly- is a sign that I want her to grace my desk with her presence. My desk is tiny, so there's usually a problem.
    She's always coming and sitting down in front of my keyboard/on my hands and biting me when I reach for the keys or the mouse.
    How do you ever get anything done?

    That bracelet with the leaf and wooden links is -fabulous-! I also love the earrings featuring the Round Rabbit buttons. I think you did a great job on that pair! Those two are definitely my "favorites" from this post.

    Sorry to hear about your ring mandrel. ):


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