I puffy heart CrazyCatGlass!

Yesterday I received a few things in the mail, some Vintaj brass (which I desperately needed), some handmade "Home Sweet Home" beads from Beady Monkey, some cool seed beads called Jobes Tears from Hawaii that I found at the Saffron House, AND Some of the most amazing lamp work glass beads I have ever seen. Oh! They are good enough to eat. Depth and color and amazing shapes. I discovered Crazy Cat Glass one day last week, just surfing through the glass bead section on Etsy. Angie Pendleton creates little beauties at her home studio, and somehow manages to find the time with 3 kids! If you're looking for something new and different, I suggest you buy from Angie today. You will NOT be sorry. I made these earrings with some of her Cherry Bomb stones.

Last night I also created this simple chain necklace and focal that I created with a lampwork ring from Beads of Passion. I'm not sure I'm into this design and was thinking I might rework it a bit because of the size of the jump rings. Not sure. What do you think?

I ordered a few more of these cool message bars from Jennifer Stumpf
and wanted to create another bracelet using them - I just curved the bar really carefully with my hands (I should probably get a mandrel) and I attached it to a wire-wrapped section of copper artist wire, which I threaded with some pretty fall colored polymer discs (Humblebeads) and a flower focal from Lynn Davis. Pretty no matter which way it flips! I got tired by this point and did start putting the workings together for a new necklace design, but pooped out so you'll have to stay tuned.


  1. Love what you did with the little flower bead, Lorelei, such a clever use of the bead! I'm always facinated by how you put things together, in new and unique ways.

  2. you have been one busy designer! love the copper bracelet, everytime I stop by I am amazed.

  3. Hi Lynn!
    Thank you! It went perfectly with Heather's beads!

    Hi Heather!!
    Thank you darlin'! It sold already too, so yay!

  4. That necklace is awesome as is, but if you're not liking the jump rings, maybe you could try it with just one? At any rate, you are on a serious roll, lady!

  5. You go girl! Love it all!

    Anne Choi's website has been updated with more owl beads - see if you can grab one! :-)

  6. Hey thanks for the heads up about anne choi.
    I have to have this bead. I just posted a new sale. just so i can possibly buy it.
    I hope she takes paypal!??

  7. you are busy!!! so many new designs, all the time!

    go get the owl beads. they have your name written all over them!

  8. You know, I just saw a pair of earrings featured on Etsy today that used Jobe's Tears. I thought they looked very unique - I can't wait to see what you do with them! I want to do a search and see where I can purchase some - they've got such a beautiful shape and coloring.

    The Crazy Cat Glass works are so pretty!

    I love the idea of the chain necklace with the pendant inside the disc, but I agree that the jump rings... take away from the centered pendant, a bit. I feel like they're a bit too thick and they don't provide enough contrast to really highlight that section.


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