Jewelry Improv

Last night was like jewelry improv.
I sat down and didn't lay anything out.
Just starting throwing beads and wire and chain together and here's what the outcome was.
Sometimes it just works like this.
There's no science to it.
I just do what feels right.
Sometimes I take it all apart a couple times 'til it feels right.


  1. Lorelei, that's because you are gifted with the 'artist's eye' and you can see possibilities and know when it's finished. You are greatly touched with the eye and hands (not to mention the mind) of the artist.

  2. Great designs! What a great placement of the circular wired component in the 3rd picture. I have seen strands of those and wondered what to do with them!

  3. Girl! You are the bomb! That necklace is fantastic...I've seen those wired circles at Michaels, but I keep passing them up. Hmmmm?
    Love both the bracelets. You've inspired me to make some things today.

  4. Hi Ladies!
    thank you for your comments on my latest pretties.

  5. I just love how you marry texture in that top bracelet. Also, I'm constantly amazed by your collection of beads and findings. That bead and clasp in the second bracelet are so poetic paired together. Lovely!

  6. All of these are so beautiful.

  7. What a gorgeous jewelry improv! The color combinations in the second bracelet are absolutely gorgeous together, and the necklace is definitely a work of art that simply stands on its own.


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