Happy Monday!

Yesterday was a long day. Whew. It had come to the point where the dust bunnies could no longer be ignored. House-cleaning. My most dreaded chore. I hate every minute of it. And feel quite resentful to the fact that it has to be done and that time is wasted pushing a broom around the rooms instead of playing with beads. But it had to be done. And laundry. Loads and loads of laundry. How does this f-ing happen? There are only two of us in this household yet I feel like I do laundry like there's an army of people here. Could be that Joe wears 2-3 outfits a day - school clothes, work clothes, and then his bum around the house clothes. (yes, we're all scowling at you Joe, and shaking our heads in disgust)

After that was all done, I did some "work" in the studio. (to be disclosed at a later date, sorry to tease you!) and finally could sit down and really create something for the shop. I have been thinking, ALREADY, about Christmas. I vow every year to start my shopping early. It's so hard though when I fall in love with things like this:

basic gray tote- Drika B

And as you already know, it's hard for me to pass up a good bag. It's my ONE guilty pleasure.
Regardless, (see I'm totally side-tracked now) I want to do jewelry with Christmas in mind for my shop as well. I've also been thinking of doing a gift certificate for the shop. For those who can't pick something out.
I created a Simplicity series- for those who want to buy handmade pretties this year, but don't want to buy my usual crazy asymmetrical, artsy fartsy jewelry. I used a variety of different brass chains, some with a copper look, some with a golden brass look, some in chocolate brown. I used different charms for each one. They'll be available in the shop ($18 each) today so keep your eye out.

I also worked on a set using some beautiful Elaine Ray beads that I recently ordered from Ornamentea. What a great shop this is, and they ship so quickly and the products are really awesome. Elaine does beautiful ceramic beads and pendants. I wanted one of each!
I created a necklace, matching bracelet and matching earrings. The bracelet is my absolute favorite because the Elaine Ray clasp is so FUNKY! And the tree on the pendant on the necklace lends itself easily to the Fall season.

And lastly, My red and white mushroom bracelet. I had bought this little charm a while back from Jibby and Juna and have been waiting for just the right beads to pair it with. I think these carved red bone beads are perfect with their little white polka dots. A bracelet perfect for the young at heart. Or someone in love with Smurfs. Or someone in love with hallucinogenic drugs.


  1. Lorelei,

    You have outdone yourself! These are beautiful. I especially like the drum beads with the tree pendant - gets me ready for fall. Thanks for making me look so good.

    - Elaine

  2. OMG - Love the Simplicity pieces, may have to have one for myself. Those will sell like hotcakes!
    The Elaine Ray pieces are FABULOUS.
    You rock, Lorelei!

  3. Wow Lorelei! I don't know how you do cleaned the house AND made all that wonderful jewelry?! Amazing! I love the fall-inspired necklace/bracelet/earrings set! I'll have to check out Elaine Ray's pieces...

  4. Anonymous9/22/2008

    Lorelie! You are going to kill my bank acct.! LOL Seriously though, I love the Simplicity series. You may have to make a lot more of them because I'm thinking xmas gift giving already and those would be perfect.
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. All the new jewelry is so beautiful. I am with you on purses and bags. I love them....because they always fit! :)

  6. Love everything - especially the mushroom piece!

  7. Mushroom, mushroom, mushroom! Definitely gorgeous - those red beads are precious, and they go PERFECTLY with the mushroom charm!

    The Simplicity series is such a great idea! While I personally don't see why someone wouldn't want to purchase your "usual crazy asymmetrical, artsy fartsy jewelry," it's such a marketable thing to do!

    Congratulations on conquering your household chores and producing more pretties!

  8. I love the artsy-fartsy stuff but the simplicity series is quite wearable. That's important in this economy...and what does it say about me that I laughed out loud at the description of the mushroom bracelet? It says I must buy it...

    (and those folks at ARE super nice! wink wink)

  9. Hi Cynthia! OMG!
    Thank you for buying my mushroom bracelet. I laughed out loud when I typed that up...what's that say about ME!? lol
    Enjoy it!
    And yes, Ornamentea ROCKS THE HIZZOUSE!

  10. Lorelei,

    You certainly have a good eye for asymmetry and balanced design. That is admirable, not many can do it well. I love your pieces with Elaine's beads.

    Quite nice!


    ~Danielle Beaty, Editor

    Serious About Our Bling!


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