Some New Work

I had a nice and creative evening last night, as you can see above... Joe was at golf so I had some uninterrupted time to do my thang. However today I worked more on some publication stuff. But when there are things I "have" to get done, with a deadline, I want to do everything EXCEPT the stuff I have to do. There was someone else that was saying this same kind of thing on their blog recently. I sat around all day thinking- I want to rearrange the furniture... I want to sit here in the sun and warm my skin with my eyes closed for the next hour.... I want to clean the bathroom.... I should take pictures of these acorns....oh my hair needs dying....I should go get my eyebrows done....hmmm I'm hungry, I'll go to Panera!....
You get the idea.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for a more productive day tomorrow...


  1. Fab pieces as usual, Lorelei! I just started posting things in my new shop - 2ifbysea. Check them out and I welcome feedback if you have any.

  2. Ohhh! Ahhh! They are sooo pretty! I think you read that on all of our blogs! It was for sure on mine!

  3. Nice pieces!

    I agree - I procrasinate all the time!

    I'm glad you got the Anne Choi - will you keep it for yourself?

  4. Absolutely keeping it for myself! I probably won't be able to even put it into a piece of jewelry, I'll just leave it on my table and pick it up and play with it once in a while.


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