A successful Girls' Weekend!

A little lack of sleep is causing me to not really want to write this all out so I'll give a list of things enjoyed while at the Turning Stone Casino this weekend with 2 girlfriends from college.

1. Laughter and reminiscing of college shenanigans
2. a lovely stay at a VIP suite at The Lodge at the Turning Stone (nicest place I've ever stayed!)
3. Good Wine
4. a trip to Syracuse Airport to pick up one of the girls is always an adventure
5. the court yard and patio behind our suite
6. More laughter and remembering some good times
7. Dinner at Forest Grille with Erin's parents
8. Slots!
9. Getting lost in the casino with phone calls that sounded like this: "Where the FUCK are you?"
I don't know, I have no idea, I'm next to a fountain, and some slot machines"
10. Morning manicures at Skana Spa
11. and a hang over.
I'm outty. See more pics from my weekend here.