Stop in tomorrow to find out about
the MACK DADDY of all
Stay tuned!
In the meantime,
go buy this lovely that's in my shop
as of this morning!


  1. Look at that cutie-pie little clasp! You and that hammer have it going on!

  2. So very pretty! I'm off now to check out your shop!

  3. The gorgeous lampwork discs strike again!

    Your handmade clasps look great thus far. (: I'm also gooshing over those pretty pieces in the Funky Cold Medina set!

  4. I love what you did with those beads.

  5. I love how you do big chunky wraps. Such a cool texture with those vibrant disc beads. Hey, that clasp already looks stunning without a jig...hmmm you must have some secrets up your sleeve.

  6. I love your wirework on this necklace. And such great colors. I just love stopping by and getting inspired by all your beautiful work.

  7. Thank you ladies!
    I love this piece too. I am wondering why it didn't sell yet though! But I'm thinking that maybe the color is throwing people off. It really didn't photograph very well. It's quite pretty in person. The transparent gold discs look orange in the photos. They are actually a more citrine, yellow type color.

  8. Hi Lorelei,

    I have been stuck with my beading, but you have given me mountains of inspiration.
    I am totally in awe of your work, you are amazing.
    I especially love your "Green with Envy" necklace, it's absolutely gorgeous.
    I loooooove the focal bead you have used, I am searching desperately for one myself, but as I live in australia it's a little difficult.
    Ok well keep up the awesome work, well done.


  9. Hi Kate!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog! You are so kind to say these things about my work. Don't worry, I'm a little stuck with beading too lately. I am so glad you can draw some inspiration from my designs.
    I wish I could remember what Green with Envy looked like, can you remind me?? Maybe I can get the focal for you and send it to you. Let me know,


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