To Oxidize or Not to Oxidize

I'd like your opinions. I made this bracelet last night using a neat little copper leaf that I ordered from Fusion Beads. And I used some awesome copper chain that I got while in NY at Metalliferous. Do you like the shiny copper look or do you think it would look better if it was dulled down with some dark oxidation? Maybe just the leaf should be altered? I think I'll list it in the shop as is. But I would love to hear what other jewelry enthusiasts say.


  1. I love the shiny - lovely Lorelei!

  2. I'd leave it as is too...It looks great.

  3. Anonymous9/29/2008

    I guess I'm in the minority, I prefer copper oxidized. Fortunetly,
    it will tarnish quickly on it's own. I think it's a beautiful piece!

  4. I'm with Mary - I love the look of oxidized copper! It's a beautiful piece either way, though.

  5. I like shiny :)

    It has photographed really nicely and I wouldn't touch it.

  6. I'm with many of the others - I love the shiny look.

    Honestly, the shine of the leaf is what attracts me, though - it might pop more if you oxidized the rest of the chain. It's a lovely bracelet!

  7. Shiny...its beautiful! I love the jasper you put with it too.

  8. Beautiful bracelet, Lorelie! Love the colors and those jaspers! I adore copper jewelry and fall is the perfect time for it! I like it as is, but I think if you oxidized just the leaf piece, it might bring out some of the details and veining in the leaf!

  9. Anonymous9/29/2008

    Beautiful bracelet, Lorelei. I'm usually all for oxidizing...but the leaf looks just right with the colors in the stone beads. You can't go wrong either way.


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