A trip to remember...

We made it there and back, safe and sound, without too much incident... 1 accidental field trip to Queens, 1 brawl for a cab, and lots of damage done at 3 NYC bead shops. Oh and the trip to the museum that was work related, went well too. All this in 2 days. I am SPENT! But wanted to show what a good time we had. As you know, I met my friend Nancy of Round Rabbit in NY for a business/fun two day trip. When I got into town, I went and did my "business half of the trip" first, got that out of the way. We met up in the front of the American Natural History Museum, then headed to check into our hotel.

Lucerne is a great place to stay..I would totally recommend it.

It was hotter than a mo fo in NY though.We washed up, changed into our perfect NY shows- black Crocs mary janes... and headed to the closest hot dog stand for a Sabrette break. Next on the agenda... Metalliferous...or as Nancy
calls it- Metalliferousness. ;) What a blast. That
store is the shiznizzle. Beads galore, and the metals side of the store was 3 times the size of my local bead shop.

Here's the goods.
We loved it
so much we even went back a
second time, the next day.

We then enjoyed a delicious mexican meal,
complete with White Sangria at Burrito Loco (my favorite Mexican restaurant in NY) On the way home, we got talked into the wrong train and ended up on the E, which took us to Queens. Oi Vey. On the way back from Queens, we hunted down a cab that was unloading and almost had to have a fist fight with girl who tried to bully her way to our cab...but then we forgave her when she offered to ride with us and pay for the ride. Cool. We slept well. Got up and ate a wonderful breakfast at a restaurant next door to our hotel called Nice Matin, where Nancy enjoyed an omelet and I had an $11.75 Belgian waffle. Best waffle I've had in a long time! We checked out of the hotel and headed back to Metalliferous for a second round. When we left, we were walking to find the closest Barnes and Noble so we could peruse the newest bead books, and on the way, ran into ANOTHER great bead shop. I'll have to try to remember the name or ask Nancy, I can't find their business card that I took. Nice shop- HUGE selection of gemstones.

Then we pit-stopped at Barnes and noble and made the trek to Port Authority/Penn Station to await our rides home. All in all, great trip. I would absolutely recommend taking a beady friend on a trip to NYC...best thing I've done in a long long time and I couldn't have asked for a better travel companion!
Check out Nancy's blog later today...she'll probably show her loot and talk more about our trip. Click here to see more pics.


  1. Sounds like a great time! I'm going to NYC in November. My hubby's running the NY Marathon. I wonder I can convince him to go to some bead shops.

  2. Anonymous9/06/2008

    you are just the most darling little bead shopper ever. what an incredible little trip.
    I want to tag along next time ;)

    Ive been having lorelei blog withdrawels....

  3. Hi Christina! Good luck!! That was the best part of this trip...no husband following me around asking how much I was spending. ahhhhh!
    Hi HW-
    You can tag along anytime! That would be a blast!
    Don't worry, I had a glass of white sangria for you!

  4. Thanks for the mini vacation! I feel like I had a little slice of the big apple! I so want to make it there one day! I'm such a country girl with a city girl trapped inside! Delicious beads!

  5. I definitely have bead envy!! I can't wait to see what you make with them. Sounds like a great little trip! I could sure use one :)

    Ps - I got your "Fly Away" necklace in the mail yesterday...awesome! Beautiful packaging too :)


  6. yes, bead envy!!!

    I wonder what the bead shops in Paris are like????

    glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves!

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  8. Yeah! We had such a great time! I am already suffering from bead shop withdrawal. :)

  9. I am really jealous of your bead shopping trips. :p

  10. Lorelei, did you get some ideas for bead storage at the bead shop - looks like they have lots of floor to ceiling organization inspiration! Beautiful photos, as always

  11. What a fun trip! It's so cool that you and N can get together!

  12. Oh, how funny, we were three blocks away from you while you were in NYC. I wish I'd known - I would have stopped by to say "Hi"!

  13. Oh you're kidding Melissa! Darn, that would have been fun!
    Next time!! I'll definitely give you a jingle and we can do some bead shopping while I"m there. I go down for business a few times a year.

  14. Sounds good! Hopefully, we'll have that synchronicity again. Metalliferous was on my list, but my son didn't nap that day, so I couldn't go - sounds like my kind of place!


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