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I finally stopped putting it off and sat down yesterday, to start working on some possible publication stuff. Writing instructions for pieces of jewelry is not all that it's cracked up to be, I gotta tell you. It's hard work. I probably could have just typed everything from the beginning but my mind doesn't work that way, so I write everything up first and then type it on the computer.
It wouldn't have been so bad if I only had one to do but I was working on several projects at a time so it became an all day affair. At 5, I said to myself, Oooohkay. that's enough. And I did manage to go upstairs and put together a piece of jewelry for the shop. I notice that my shop is getting emptied out. That's good. There are several pieces of jewelry there that haven't gotten much attention, that I will be removing to take to the museum's gift shop. It's kind of cool that I did the giveaway where people had to pick their favorites, because it's giving me a good idea of what is popular and what isn't. So, heads up. If there is something in the shop that you want held for you, better ask me now!!
Here's the little bracelet I did up last night. I think it turned out so cute. I don't know if you remember this necklace:
Well I took it out of the shop, and took it apart and used the GGS Grow Strong bead and the little oak leaf charm in this new piece. It's so whimsical and I continued that theme with a little cardinal from Earthenwood Studio and a tulip bead from Golem Studios.

I was inspired by a cute bracelet in the Sundance Catalog. You can see it here.
Today I'm hoping to finish up my "work" and get to some "fun" before the week starts up again.
Have a creative Sunday ya'll!


  1. Anonymous9/14/2008

    Nice piece! I have that GGS bead myself. I love to recycle pieces, they sometimes turn out better the second time around.

  2. Lorelei,
    When I got my first project assignments a couple of years ago, I did the same thing...I had to write them out on paper and then type them (and re-read them several times and make changes)

    I can only say, if you like it enough to stick with it, it does get easier. And I was SO nervous when I got my first few projects, and I wanted to write for years! So I had built it all up. Now it is much easier and I am so glad it is part of my process.

    Its really fun to see your work in print and this might be the start of something new for you, so I just wanted to send you that little bit of encouragement.

    heh. Now I am off to do the same process later today...

  3. Thanks Cristi!
    I am definitely more pleased with the second outcome using these pieces!

    Thank you so much for this encouragement. It means a lot to me and I'm glad you stopped by!
    I hope this process does get easier for me. Right now my hand hurts so I'm taking a little break! Whew! Good luck on yours!!

  4. Oh, that bracelet is adorable! I love the vibrant red accents, especially the little cardinal. (:

    Writing instructions does seem like it would be difficult. And personally, I'm so awful at -following- instructions (I'm that person that screws up origami cranes by following the directions, unless someone help me) that the idea of trying to explain what I do to someone else makes my blood run cold!

    Good luck with it! (: I'm sure that yours will turn out to be comprehensive enough for everyone to understand - you seem like someone that is thorough enough for it to work out.

  5. Lorelei, I know you'll do fine - I can relate to the questioning, though. Whey I first started writing instructions, I wondered whether I needed to start at the very beginning or not. Like when making pasta, did I start with 'heat water to boiling' or did I start with 'put water into pot' - how far back do you start? LOL


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