All wood- 20% off!

That's right, I'm discounting all jewelry that has wood ... 20% off! I'll continue this sale til Sunday Oct. 19. Make your purchase but don't pay til I send you an updated invoice!
I'll be MIA this weekend. My in-laws are coming up today to spend the weekend. AND NO, my house isn't quite clean enough but it'll have to do.
I always freak out before they come...try to clean so that my mil won't think I keep a messy house. However I just about died when I opened the curtains this morning in the family room and noticed that the windows are DISGUSTINGLY dirty. And it's a really sunny day so the fingerprints and smudges are especially noticeable. GAH!
Off to work!


  1. You did a really nice job on this piece! I see gaea and golem! great Color Combo and love the textures together!



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