Almost 300!

Oh My Gosh! I just realized I am only 8 sales away from 300 SALES! Wow. Who knew I would have come this far. It's really quite awesome when you think about it.
So I should have some sort of great special for my 300th sale.... hmmmmm.
Any ideas??

Our weekend project ... I originally wanted Joe to strip the top of my buffet that I got at the Bouckville Antique fair this summer, stain the top to match the dining room set, and then paint the bottom cranberry...

But he just couldn't get all the paint up off the surface and when he put the stain on, the stain didn't cover the paint spots like we thought it would. So he'll just paint the whole thing cranberry. Including the top. I think it will still be a better color than the white which is a little too shabby chic for my dining room. I'll post more pictures when the second coat of paint goes on.


  1. Congrats on the near 300! that's really an accomplishment.

    On the dresser, speaking as someone who used to refinish furniture, you might have to do some heavy sanding on the top to get the rest of the paint out of the grain of the wood. Once you get as much as you can, you might have to use some stinky gel paint stripper, but eventually you should be able to get all the white paint off.

    Unless you just really want it all cranberry color, which does look nice too!

  2. Hi Lynn
    Well if I know Joe, he is sick to death of working on this project if it was me, I'd totally go the extra mile to get the rest of the paint off.
    But at this point, I think he just wants to paint the whole darn thing. Which is fine. It will look great either way. I think it might be even better with a stained top, but hey... he's doing all the work so I can't complain right?

  3. Neat antique! I was looking for you on Twitter. I just signed up. Do you have an account to Tweet?

  4. Hi Beth!
    I don't, I don't even really understand the whole TWEET phenomena~!!


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