Artisan Interview- Leah of Beads of Passion

Looking for some unique Lamp work glass to use in your jewelry designs? Well, look no further. I've got the girl for you. Leah of Beads of Passion creates delicate and funky lamp work beads and rings like none I've seen before. Come to find out, she's completely self taught, which I totally admire in an artist since that's how I learned my craft as well. I have been thinking a lot about doing lamp work glass myself and reading Leah's interview makes me want to do my own, that much more!
Read and enjoy, and shop at Leah's store!

1) Tell me as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with…
My name is Leah. Most of my life has been in the corporate world. From Mortgage Accounting to Computer Consulting & Web Design. After 9/11 and my Mother being diagnosed with a rare brain disease, the time was right for a major shift. I dove into my love of another glass, vintage glassware for a good while. I later began creating jewelry, experimenting with wire working. I love making my own jump-rings and creating beautiful pieces of chainmaille. In the back of my mind, lampworking was always there, but seemed out of reach. After tinkering with it for a small amount of time, I was hooked! With the encouragement of my fiance and Mom, we began setting up my home studio. I have not been the same since! Of course, my sweet Shih-tzu, Amee keeps me company. She tends to wander off with her tail down on days I am making bead caps. She is not too crazy about all the hammering.

2) What inspires you? I have a great admiration & respect for numerous glass artists, who inspire me to reach for the stars! Also, fine jewelry design artists, along with nature & culture. I am inspired by metals, which can take a piece to an entirely different level. Many times I look at my creations and realize that it is a must to add dimension. Some are intensified, by going through the electroform process. Some are cradled by my handmade and textured bead caps. It is so satisfying, transforming a glass rod into a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece!

3) How would you describe your craft and style?
I would describe my soul style as earthy, tribal, old world and soft.

Leah's Studio makes me drool. Look at all the fancy tools and nice atmospheric lighting! Love it!

4) How long have you been creating?
I have been lampworking, soon to be, 3 years.

5) Is this a job or a hobby?
Lampworking is definitely a Passion, which for me luckily removes the word job. It is pure enjoyment. An escape from the hustle bustle of the "real" world.

6) What are your Etsy goals?
It has been an amazing first year on Etsy! I am truly grateful! My goal is to continue offering unique beads and to begin offering handmade silver headpins. I have a few more ideas, so no telling what else!

7) Do you have any advice for other Etsy artisans?
The only advice I can think of is, to list creations often, keep creating from your heart and to just have fun every step of the way!

Thank you Leah for participating in my Blog feature. I can't wait to make my next purchase at your shop!!


  1. Love Leah's beads. I go to her Etsy shop and drool at least once a day. She's next on my "I'm gonna get this list". You have used her rings in your designs, do you feel they are delicate or durable?

  2. Leah's rings are extremely durable. And Leah is very good about making rings thicker too depending on what you'll be making with them. She's so friendly and takes the time to answer any questions. She also returns convo's quickly and that's one of the things I love most about her!

  3. Oh! Her beads are so dreamy! I love the color combos!

  4. Her beads are stunning!!!!

  5. I love her beads!!! Great interview, thanks :)

  6. Oh gosh.. not only are her beads just beautiful, but her studio left me breathless. I'm not accustomed to seeing such a soothing living area!

    I'm definitely going to be adding some of her items to my favorites list on Etsy. (:

  7. Anonymous10/30/2008

    I have long admired her use of color and have just made my first of many purchases from her. Not only is she amazingly talented but also quick to respond to any questions you may have. I am looking forward to incorporating her art into mine.


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