Finally the sun.... and a flu shot

Even witches get their flu shot. I drove 20 miles to and from my doctors office just for a 3 second flu shot but I don't go without it. Never. I have asthma and it's super important.
And for those of you who believe the flu shot makes you get the flu... that's totally false. Never in the 10 years that I've been getting them have I ever gotten sick from it.
I am the worst sick person. I'm a whiner. So really I do this for my husband! Poor guy.

A beautiful sunny warm day today. I'm hoping to do the following:
* buy mums for the porch
*sweep the porch of all the acorns and leaves
*pull out the Fall Halloween decor from the garage
* decorate
*make a couple of Chocolate Chip Zuchini bread loaves- one for us and one for some friends who are having a get together tonight
* Enjoy the Fall leaves on a nice drive with my love

Enjoy your day peeps!