Hoooo Hooooo's Got the Best Owl?

HooHoooooo.... Hooooo.

Thought I'd share some Owly goodness from Etsy ...these are all in my favorites. Hint Hint. Christmas is comin'! I have to drop hints whenever I can!

Owl Nesting Set- Savage Artworks

Green Owl- The Quirky Corn Crib

Reserved Owl- Marjji
That 70s Owl- Endangered Creations 2

Owl Zippered Pouch- MoonTeaArtwork

Owl Pendant- Heather Wynn (Swoondimples)


  1. I have an owl nesting set from Savage Artworks and an owl from the Quirky Corn Crib - both awesome and excellent quality! I love the owl from Marjii as well. Guess I better start making a Xmas list!


  2. Hi Lorelei!
    I am tagging you! I hope you don't mind?
    The rules are on my blog, just in case you don't know them...
    Maria Grimes

  3. Those are some serously cute and cool owls. I love them all. I think I may have to put at least one of them on my wishlist too.
    Thanks for putting mine in there.
    Terry ~ the savage one

  4. horray for owls!
    you picked some great ones! (thanks for including me)

  5. Aw, those owls are cute. (:

    If you could ONLY HAVE ONE (what a terrible notion!) which one would you choose? I don't know about you, but I think the nesting owls would be my choice... the craftsmanship is WOW.

  6. I've always been a sucker for something cuddly, so I'd have to pick the one from Marjji as my favorite owl!!
    Thanks for stoppin' in!

  7. Hoot hoot! I love the owl theme!! As a kid I had a fascination with owls.
    The nesting owl set is my favourite. So captivating.

  8. I saw that owl nesting set and meant to forward it to you (thinking you'd like it!)

    nice choices!

  9. So many goodies! I love owls too. Between Cynthia and I, we've got over half of the images you've posted. Perhaps, it's time to plan on getting the other half... :-)


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