I am quite surprised no one has snatched this bracelet up yet. I'm not one to normally toot my own horn, but this bracelet is one of those pieces that I really, really love, and I can't say this about all of my designs. The stones are Silver Leaf Jasper that I found on etsy. Since my little trip to NYC with Nancy, I have this weird addiction to all stones with variations of colors. I still have 3/4 of a strand left of these but I already want to order more. I think earrings to match this bracelet will be created today. The little ceramic charm on this was made by Gaea... that brown and pale green colors match perfectly with the stones. Although it's meant to be a pendant, I think it lends well as a charm. Now the clasp on this is all hand-forged, handmade, hand-wired by Moi. I love this clasp design. They all come out a little different but wrapping the 26 gauge wire around one end, prevents the clasp from coming off all together. It's a safer design.

Oh so the other day I received my Cup Bur that I ordered from Beaducation. A little over-rated I think. I tried using it on a couple of earring wires and I can't really see a difference from "before" and "after" sanding. Is there a trick to this that I'm missing?

Well, Happy Thursday Ya'll. Have a good one.


  1. Good morning Lorelei,
    I us a cup burr that ataches to my dremel.This is much more afective than the hand held. Its so much easier on your hands with the dremel....

  2. Ahhh! Maybe I need to ask Santa for one of these Dremel tools for Christmas eh??
    :) Thanks for the tip!!

  3. Yay! Dremel! I can't live with out mine! I will have to agree with you about your bracelet, and not because of the charm! ; ) The Cup Bur I have is useless. I find plain old sand paper more effective.

  4. First ... love the bracelet and that is a brilliant clasp, you are one wire-hammering one now!

    About cup burs - I believe they come 'sized' for certain gauges of wire so if you use a 20 gauge wire in a cup bur for 14 gauge, it takes a while for it to do you any good - most of the time I use my little jewelry files and sometimes sandpaper, even after the cup bur

    and yes, a tiny dremel tool is a wonderful thing. Mine is cordless and goes all around with me, it was a gift - just be sure you have the right sized chuck to hold the cup bur

  5. I'm surprised it's still there as well. I think it's absolutely gorgeous! The stones look great - I can see why you were attracted to them!


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