I puffy heart Autumn!

It occurred to me the other day that Autumn was in full bloom around us and I hadn't sat down long enough to enjoy it! So Joe and I took the day and spent the day out and about. First we stopped in at Fly Creek Cider Mill.

We both had never been and it was such a treat. Lots of people and lots of long lines but we took our time and enjoyed being outdoors for a change! There was a line of people waiting for these sweet men to peel and slice apples for sampling. There was also a little tin pan of cinnamon sugar to coat them.Fly Creek had some interesting animals on the property. Some regular ol' chickens and some wacky ducks with WILD hair-dos that made me giggle!
We did stand in line to go into the shop, and ended up trying all the free samples, dips, and jams and jellies, fresh cheese, apples (brought home a peck of various kinds). We also brought home a half of a pie- Caramel Apple Nut. Ohhhh yeeeaaaah baby! And an apple corer to make the apple eating a bit more enjoyable.
Then we headed into Cooperstown and walked the streets there. Went to many little souvenir shops and decided that would be a nice place to bring Max, and Alex and the family when they come for a visit next weekend. Hope the weather was as nice as it was today, 71 degrees!
We had a lovely lunch at a little deli in town... BLTs with avocado and cream cheese. It was heavenly, just like it sounds. I can't wait to replicate it at home.
We walked down to the lake and enjoyed a nice photo op.

lol I'm such a dork. It's all about blogging these days ya know? I realized today how badly I need a hair cut.
The trees were firey orange and yellow. I think this is a little past peak season.
As we were walking back to the car, we started dreaming. Joe and I are so good at this. There were a lot of houses, and business fronts for sale there. We decided we'd like to open up a Bed and Breakfast there (even though there is A LOT of competition in town) and then in another dream, we wanted to buy a home in Cooperstown and I could buy one of the empty store fronts and open up a bead shop which I really do think would be quite successful there. Especially if I could get it right in the heart of the hustle and bustle.
Someday when we win the lottery.............

see more pics here: Cooperstown pics


  1. What a beautiful and relaxing day! It is fun to dream like that! Thanks for the mini vacation!

  2. Such a fun day for you guys! Don't ever stop dreaming, its what keeps us going. Who knows maybe they might come true...sheesh I sound like a commercial for Walt Disney...

  3. I actually got a bit teary at the thought of all the fun upstate NY fall things you described doing! I get so homesick this time of year, those pictures are gorgeous, there is nothing like that fall color. (especially not out west in CA!)

  4. Anonymous10/16/2008

    what a delightful day.
    the duck do's made me giggle too.
    haha, Ive never seen such a thing.


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