I want an iPod Touch!

Happy Monday!! I made it through the hectic weekend with my in-laws here and unfortunately didn't get to do much in the way of jewelry. I did made this lovely earrings- Was inspired by a very cool hand-forging technique from Wire Style Jewelry... I added a nice ceramic bead onto my version. These beads were made by Jordan Menicucci ... a very talented lady that I found on Flickr.
One thing you may not know about me, is that I LOVE gadgets. I love fancy phones, and video games and techie things of this nature. I WAAAANT AN iPod Touch. OMG. Have you SEEN the commercial where it shows the iPod touch playing different games where all you have to do is TIP the handheld device to navigate through the game??? How flippin cool is that!
So I have an iPod Video. But I want to sell it to help me pay for the new iPod. I'm thinking maybe Amazon. It's used but it excellent condition. I just hate dealing with Ebay so I'm going to avoid that nonsense. If anyone knows of a better option for selling a used electronic device, let me know. If you are interested in buying it from me let me know. I'd prefer a paypal payment.


  1. OH! I LOVE IT! I stood for a long time looking at them after my last phone died, trying to decide... Amazing phone? Feed our children? Amazing phone? Feed our children? Hmmm.... Your choice is clear! Go get one!!!!

  2. Actually it's not even the phone. It's just an mp3/video/game player. The only thing it isn't is a phone. I want an iphone too but husband says NO WAY JOSE.
    especially since I just got a new blackberry. which is totally boring and nothing like an iphone. lol

  3. Really? No phone? I thinks Mrs. No Way Jose may have to get one from "Santa" this year! Tee hee hee!

  4. Anonymous10/20/2008

    don't do it, you will be addicted. my sister has one and she is ready for the 12 step iphone prgram.

    is wire style jewelry a book? i love how you hand forged the wires.

  5. You and my husband both! He bought his iPod just a month before the Touch came out and he's been gnashing his teeth ever since!

  6. I love the earrings Lorelei. Very nice design especially with ceramic beads. Your work continues to be awesome.


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