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I've been Tagged again... This time by Maria Grimes-

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by the way, I'm not tagging anyone this time because I just did a week ago....I know. REBEL.

1. I've been dreaming a lot lately about opening a Bed and Breakfast and, opening a bead shop and writing a book.

2. As I get older, I have acquired strange eating habits. I feel uncomfortable when I have less than 3 things on my plate for dinner. I like to eat things in 3. Strange. I know, downright wacky really. I have no idea where this comes from.

3. I very rarely wear my own jewelry. But I love to buy jewelry on Etsy from other artisans.

4. I have stayed the same weight since 2002, fluctuating only up and down one pants size.

5. I got married the day after 4th of July so I could continue on the Red White and Blue theme. Americana galore...

6. I want a baby so bad I can taste it. (TMI- sorry)

7. I play the flute. Well, I played the flute. Past tense. But want to pick it up again.

After you read all the nutty things about me, go check out my new listings at my shop!


  1. Hey Lorelei! Don't apologize for #6. That's awesome! I have 2 gorgeous little boys who are the center of mine & my husbands' universe.

  2. Lorelei - we have the same wedding anniversary - my hubby and I were married on July 5 at sea in international waters by the captain of the ship on the way to Alaska.

    And yes, baby girls are fun and baby grandaughters are THE MOST fun.

  3. Cool! I use to play the flute and have thought lately about taking lessons again.

    Thinking happy baby thoughts for you :)

  4. I have admired your work for a long time. You're so creative and jewelery making takes such patience. You'll make a great Mom!


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