Lucky Girl!

Lucky girl!! I contacted Andrew Thornton recently about
getting one of the new one- of -a- kind bronze metal clay
pendants before they (Green Girl Studios) ran off to a big bead show. He said
they would save some if people were interested.
Lucky me got one of the owls that was left over from the show!
I can't tell you how excited I was. It's so beautiful and
had lovely little fingerprints on the backside, which I love.
This necklace that I designed around the owl, is
influenced by my favorite designer, Andrew Thornton.

These two pieces are being listed in the shop today!
I had fun playing with some new wood beads from
E & E Bungalow. They are my favorite
wood bead supplier on Etsy.

This first necklace features a beautiful
emerald green handmade ceramic
pendant from Lisa Peters. This was
actually a link and had a loop at the bottom of the
pendant also. I trimmed it off with wire cutters
to use it as a pendant instead. My favorite part of this necklace is
the funky green Czech glass discs that look
so cool when they are strung on wire.