more sia

this is a test for lisa.


  1. It would seem i've faild that test.....Whats wrong with me?

  2. lol
    sorry I had to go eat some dinner. i'm back now.
    So here's what I did.
    Go to
    Find a video
    Click the link to open
    At the right you'll see the option to Embed. put your mouse on the box with the type and right click to COPY.
    Now go to your blog.
    Go to NEW POST
    You'll see the body open where you type your post. on the upper right of that box, you'll see HTML or Compose. Click the HTML tab.
    Put your mouse in the body where you'd type. Right click to Paste. You should see the code pasted into the box now.
    Down at the bottom of the box, you'll see the button to Publish Post. Click it. Then Click VIEW BLOG. do you see the video now?

  3. YEA i did it! Thanks so much Lorelei!


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