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Yesterday I received my little postcards from that I'm using for my invites for my open house Nov. 15. They turned out so awesome! I thought I'd have a bunch left over out of the 20 that I ordered, but I only have 2 left! So hopefully I get a good crowd that day.
I was a bit overzealous though, when I was typing in the details and now I'm regretting the whole "Everyone gets a gift" promise. YIKES. what the F was I thinking? Now I have to make 40 pair of earrings so that most everyone can walk away with something. So I made these three to start. I got these cool Vintaj brass earring components back when I did the Bead Swap. I have enough for 9 pair of earrings. But I'll have to come up with some other less extravagant designs that I can whip up quickly. Any ideas? Leave a comment.
By the way, the earring wires on these babies were all hand-made by me using my Jig Master Flash Earring Jig that Beth made me. And last night, I ordered a Cup Burr from Beaducation so that I can finish the ends of the wires.
I also have to start thinking about what I'm going to make for "Snacks" that I also promised on the card. I don't suppose a bowl full of Ritz crackers would be enough??
I'm sorry I have no new jewelry to show. I was busy working on a custom bracelet for a special someone. I hope she likes it. The theme is Houses with Wings. Eh, why not, I'll show a pic.


  1. Oh yikes! I hope you figure out something simple and easy for the free gift... did you promise a free -jewelry- gift, though? I mean. I know it's a jewelry party, but maybe some small attractive soaps or candles?

    If you are sticking with freebie earrings, when you get more ear hooks, maybe pairs of earrings using either stone or lampwork rounds and some metal findings for each woman? Quick to toss on a headpin and attach to an earwire, most definitely... not necessarily the most cost-effective alternative, though, depending on where you got your beads.

    An additional problem with my suggestion is that your style usually has something extra going on, rather than being "just some pretty beads on a pin," and so it's up to you (obviously) to decide whether your free gifts will stay true to your unique style, or will be simple and speed-created. I know they'll be beautiful, no matter what you do.

    Good luck getting everything together!

  2. your cards look great lorelei. you are making me want to do a trunk show. hmmm...
    for your free gift why not make little charms attached to a lobster claw clasp. They can be used as zipper pulls for jackets or bags. That would cut your work in half! I made some with little snowmen last year, they were so cute.

    Good luck!!!

  3. Anonymous10/10/2008

    I'm impressed by your earring wires! Great job. The other bloggers had good ideas for gifts. I would think you'd want to keep it really simple, but something that shows off your craft. Almost like "teasers."
    And...of course I'm going to like my bracelet! I'm so looking forward to that package in the mail. (My earrings too!)

  4. Anonymous10/11/2008

    good luck this weekend.

  5. Hi Patricia!
    Thank you! Yup your bracelets are going in the mail this morning!

    Thank you...but the open house isn't until Nov. 15! So I have some time.
    Now my new dilemma...
    I have to make gift boxes so that people have something to take their jewelry away in!


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