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What the heck IS Twitter, anyway? So I signed up for it yesterday because a blog reader asked me if I had a Twitter account so she could "Follow me"...
Is this a "Stalker" type website or what!? I don't do very many interesting things. I'm really having trouble grasping the whole idea of it. I've gone on the site a few times since signing up and it takes me like 10 minutes to figure out what the most interesting thing I'm doing is and type it in.
Can someone shed some light on this phenomena please? I mean, should I be doing something MORE than what I'm doing? And I haven't quite figured out how to let people know on the blog that I'm Twittering now. Is Facebook the same idea? But with more of an option to chat with friends and add pictures? Twitter is just the updating of what you're doing at any given moment. How can I use this to help draw business to my jewelry shop?

Ok that's enough ranting on that.
My next rant is, I'm sick of looking at some of these jewelry pieces in my shop so I've marked a few more pieces down this morning. I'm practically GIVING them away at this point, so tell your friends, and come in and start your Christmas shopping early k?? I'd appreciate it.

I've decided to list my favorite Collaboration piece from my last collaboration with Heather Powers and Mary Harding. I hung onto this necklace with an idea that I would wear it. I've worn it once I think. I've decided to let it go. It's a beauty so I hope someone snatches it up quickly.

Update- It just sold! Thank you C!!

Here is a new earring design that was inspired by an idea from my friend Beth. Thank you BETH! I love how these earrings turned out. Check out these beautiful lampwork
glass beads from ikuyoglassart.
I am definitely going to have to do an Etsy Feature interview with this seller.


  1. I love that necklace, I'm sure it'll go very fast!
    As far as Twitter goes...I do occassionally, but sometimes I wonder why! It's just
    another way to stay connected, and
    that concept still means nothing to me. My daughter says its so you won't feel alone...Must of the time I just want to be left alone!
    If you figure it let me know...

  2. Hey thanks...
    Yea I have no idea about twitter. I sort of think it's just one more thing I have to update regularly. so I'm not sure how long it'll last. we'll see.

  3. Anonymous10/29/2008

    I don't Twitter, but I Plurk ( I'm a knitter and Wendy Johnson, with a popular knitting blog, got a lot of her blog readers to sign in. I was very active this summer, but have since dropped off, though I check back in periodically. After awhile, I'm thinking, why does anyone want to know what I'm having for supper?? But on the other hand, it's how I found your Etsy site (yay for me!) - indirectly through another jewelry shop, so I think it would benefit you to either Twitter or Plurk and show off your newest pieces (and talk about meaningless things once inawhile).

  4. Great necklace!

    As for twitter, I have an account too. I don't post much. I try to remember to tweet when I update my blog.... or when I'm bored and need to know I'm not alone... or when I'm really excited about something... or when I have my phone handy when I'm waiting in a long boring line. lol

  5. Hi Lorelei, I felt the same way about Twitter, but I signed up last month and I like it. Someone said it's sort of the virtual equivalent of hanging around the water cooler at work - it's sort of a nice break. I don't follow a huge number of people, which makes the whole experience manageable for me, but I like reading about what friends and colleagues are up to. I'm at: . What is your address? I will follow you!

  6. I read twitter regularly, and I sometimes tweet. My twitter name is joannlxx I follow some interesting people who pose interesting questions about life, so I guess I use it as a way to have very short burst conversations with people. I'm hoping to get back into the habit of tweeting again.

    Facebook is more like a bulletin board of what's going on in your life. It's much less immediate that twitter. Both are useful for getting your name and your art "out there"


  7. I don't really understand Twitter either. It sounds like a lot of work trying to keep up with different folks. I have a hard enough time as it is! That and I'm going into a more hermit phase of my life right now.

    Oh! And I heard horrible stories of how someone accidentally was sending out private text messages on their Twitter and everyone and their mother was knowing all kinds of personal business. EEK!

    I'm sure it's really great though. Let me know how it works out for you.

  8. I'm giggling, because I really love your Twitter rant! Here in a fit of weakness I signed up, yet I'm still trying to figure out why I'm doing it. I must have had moment of Tweet madness. I did just find an interesting article that maps out some possible benefits and problems:

  9. I actually like twitter for a few reasons.
    1. I spend my lunch hour eating and surfing through everyone's links for the day, so it's entertaining. I subscribe to some fun craft/indie ones.
    2. i like to chat a little and it's another way to keep in touch and get to know some peeps i might not otherwise connect with.
    3. I use it for business updates:
    I post my blog links from the ABS and my blog. I also post sales/specials or new listings and sometimes late-breaking news.

    I'll post an extra little blurb if I'm feeling silly. I don't twitter anything I wouldn't put on my blog. No meal or health updates, nor do I twitter about household chores or errands.

    I use to make updates to facebook and twitter at the same time.


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