Bracelet Mania!

I got quite a bit done on my to-do list yesterday. I made about 15 handmade boxes, cut out tags, added string and tagged all of my jewelry. Cut out my coupons and rounded the corners. Caught up on 2 episodes of Private Practice on the laptop while I worked. In tagging everything, there was a bit of panic when I discovered I only have about 6 bracelets available to sell this weekend. Must be bracelets are my hot seller, it would appear anyway. So today, the Bracelet Mania began. I finished the above 8 bracelets since 10am this morning. I also made a necklace. And 2 pair of custom earrings.
I promised to do dinner for a change, so now I'm headed to the store to pick up Chili fixin's. Wooo, I'm tired.
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  1. I love your seed bead work, I love them all. I was thinking about seed beads the other day, I have so many and have not used them in years... I love the way you mixed them up and made several strands of them, but, I always love your designs!

  2. Love the bracelets - especially the one of different shades of green into white!

  3. lorelei this looks like a page right out of stringing magazine! so beautiful!!!

  4. Anonymous11/23/2008

    Its all about bracelets mania..! Those are fabulous…


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