Buffet/Jewelry display/ Open House

As you can see, the buffet has been finished! Joe did end up sanding down the top again and got most of the white paint off so he could stain it. The top is the same color as our dining room set. I like the new dramatic look- And it does match the red in the curtains and the mirror over the fireplace, perfectly, I must say!

Here you can get a glimpse of the drapes. I definitely need better lighting in my dining room. I'll have to work on that. This copper contraption is what Joe has made me for the Open House this weekend. I needed something to hang necklaces on and copper piping is fairly inexpensive and a quick fix for this issue. I'll embellish this a bit more with different levels, and trays of beans for bracelets, and add some height with some stacks of books. I'm contemplating covering the buffet with some sort of piece of material, but I don't know if I should.

The jewelry will hang on the bar, like so. I'm going to have Joe make me another one of these for another table. I don't think all of the necklaces will fit on this one, with this nice inch- inch and a half spacing in between. I'll probably display a few necklaces flat also- particularly pieces with large pendants or focals.
I have a couple of earring racks to use. I think bracelets will go in bean filled trays.

I made my own jewelry price tags by punching out circles with a scrapbooking punch. I used pretty Amy Butler scrapbook papers. I should take some photos of my jewelry boxes that I made. They turned out so cute!

So just a word to the wise, if you are coveting anything in my shop recently, you might want to grab it fast. All items in my shop will be removed for the Open House sale on friday evening!!
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  1. Love the buffet and personally if I were you I'd put a cover over it.
    All that hard work I would hate to see it scratched. How about a pashmina? I got some for three dollars at Hancock Fabrics. It wa a great buy! Good luck with your open house.

  2. Oh great idea! I wonder if Joann Fabrics has the same type of thing.

  3. Even a nice piece of fabric would do. I've used jacquard dinner napkins, panne velvet...just remember to get a sticky roller to pick up lint!

  4. Really pretty! Go, Joe! Go, Lorelei! You guys are quite a team! I can just see you guys working on that bed and breakfast!

  5. Looks awesome! Good luck with the open house - wish I could be there!

  6. Everything looks lovely! Yes, please post a picture of your hand-made boxes! I would love to see them. Have lots of fun and laughs at your Open House!

  7. Looks awesome - you and Joe did a fabulous job!
    I sure wish I could be at the open house - I know it will be great and worth all of the work.

  8. OH WOW! LOVE how the buffet turned out - much better than tha shabby chick white.

    Wish I was there for the open house. Good luck!


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