Collaboration Exploration- Heather Powers, Gaea and ME!

I was approached a couple of weeks ago by the lovely and talented Heather Powers about doing another Collaboration Exploration with her and Gaea Cannaday, and I couldn't say yes Fast Enough!
Not sure what a collaboration exploration is? Let me e

*3 people involved- 2 bead creators and 1 jewelry designer (that's me- but everyone involved are jewelry designers, really!)
*The bead designers send out the same package of beads to all 3 people so everyone has the same set
* We play around and make as many pieces of jewelry as we want as long as we use at least one art bead from each bead designer, in each piece.
*Then we all blog about our projects and link blog read
ers to all three blogs simultaneously so they can see the FABULOUSNESS for themselves! FUN RIGHT!

Let's get started.
Here are the beads we all started out with:

3 ceramic lantern beads from Gaea Cannaday A set of Polymer disc beads, a lilly focal bead, and 2 lantern rounds from Heather Powers of Humblebeads- The inspiration for these beads is from a lovely John Singer Sargent painting:

Pretty painting eh? I love it too. The light in this work is amazing and I'm totally flabbergasted at how these talented ladies captured the colors in this work so totally perfectly!
So here are the pieces I came up with, A bracelet , and two necklaces. I hope you like them!

In the bracelet, I used dark tiger ebony wood ovals, little brown
glass seed beads, a Humblebeads disc bead, 1 of the Gaea lanterns, and a handmade brass hook clasp with faceted glass bead. The clasp hooks into the loop on the lantern pendant.

In this first necklace, I used some big chunky ornamental chain from Kathy Domokos of AD Adornments. I wire wrapped onto steel wire, the Humblebeads lily focal, two ceramic blue rounds from Jordan Menicucci, with steel bead caps, and the Humblebeads lantern round.
I made my own hook clasp using steel wire that I hammered flat. To the clasp I added a handmade steel swirly charm, and a Gaea ceramic lantern pendant, with a dangle using some silver jump rings, and a lantern s
haped silver spacer bead.

In this last necklace, I wanted to use some copper chain because the copper looked so beautiful with the colors of the beads from Heather Powers. So I reserved the all white ceramic Gaea lantered pendant, and wire wrapped it onto the lantern Humblebeads round. I wire wrapped the Humblebeads disc beads onto dark copper artist wire. I used some grey and fire orange/pink pearls, handmade copper head pins from Higher Chakra Supply, and lovely sparkly blue Moonstone. The clasp is a classic copper rope toggle.

Here's a detail of the moonstone. I wish the photo picked up the true depth of these beads. They are so fantastic in the light.

I hope you all enjoyed my collaboration pieces. Now go to Gaea's Blog and Heather's Blog to check out their projects! I can't wait to see them myself!


  1. You lucky duck! I love these collaborations that you ladies do.
    I can't pick a favorite, they are all beautiful.

  2. They're all great, but I love the last necklace! I wanna do a collaboration with Heather too! (insert me boo-hooing)

  3. YAY! Such fun! I love them all! I was actually worried that I didn't send any smaller beads out to you guys that it would a more difficult challenge. Looks like I was wrong!

  4. Oooh, another great collaboration! I love the bottom necklace in particular - off to visit your partners in crime...

  5. Gorgeous! Group challenges rock, don't they?!

  6. I knew you were the girl for the challenge Lorelei. Your designs always amaze me. I love each one, but I have to say the bracelet really caught my eye. I love how you pair wood with the clay, it's perfect! Thanks for joining in the fun and showcasing our beads in such a lovely fashion.

  7. What incredible fun! I adore the bracelet. Perfection!

  8. Strong work. Fresh and unique design. Thanks for sharing!


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