I puffy heart SAM THE COOKING GUY!

My new crush- Sam the Cooking Guy. He has a show called JUST COOK THIS on the Discovery Health Channel and I believe it also airs on Fit TV. It's on at 9 and 9:30pm every Monday night. I watch it religiously. AND Sam the Cooking Guy has made me interested in cooking again. I haven't cooked in MONTHS. I hate it. I hate shopping for food, I hate being in the kitchen. Joe does all the cooking, bless his heart!!

But since I started trying out Sam's recipes, I like cooking again. Shopping isn't so bad either because all of Sam's recipes have very little ingredients. My kind of recipes!!

So far we've tried:

ALL FABULOUS> Except the shrimp tacos. Shrimp + Tacos= yick.

This guy makes me laugh so hard. He is hilarious in the kitchen. The show is filmed right in his house, and he's normally tripping over one of 2 dogs, and then he'll bring in his wife or his kids to try whatever he's made, and sometimes he'll make the camera guy hand over his camera so that he can try the food too. I love it! Cooking can be FUN! And FUNNY!
Plus, I think he's kinda cute too. Shhh, don't tell Joe.
I bought Sam's cook book. You can buy here.
Check out the Just Cook This website here.
And check out the Sam the Cooking Guy website here.

watch some video of Sam.


  1. Thanks Lorelei, I cant wait to make that soup.

  2. I love cooking shows. Anything to motivate.

    PS- I checked out 1000 Markets because of your post- nice site (congrats on your shop by the way). At first they said my shop wouldn't fit in because it dealt mainly with supplies, but then they wrote back and said they'd get on making a supplies category, which totally rocks, so soon, I hope to be up and running myself. Thanks for the lead. Hope it works out well for you (and I).

  3. Oh Pam you have to try it. It's so easy and perfect for even a week night meal. We had it last night, with some french bread on the side. I have it for leftovers today for lunch, and can't wait!!

    Hi Michelle!
    I'm so glad! I know you'll do well on that site. Your designs will fit in perfectly. I have only made one sale so far, which is discouraging but this month has been really dead so far. I hope it picks up soon for Christmas.

  4. Lorelei, just wanted to let you know that this post about Sam the Cooking Guy just underlines what I love about your blog.

    Some blogs are just "here's what I made" and "here's another thing I made" - but you talk about cooking, and travel, and people and places!

    It's so interesting! And I thank you for sharing and giving so much.

    I didn't know about Sam the Cooking Guy. Must check it out!

  5. I love to cook, but having a 10 yr old, he's hard to please most of the time and I can't get too exotic. My husband is a great guinnea pig though. I admit I hate the shopping part too.
    I will check out Sam's show though - sounds funny.

  6. oh, he is kinda cute!!!! I hope we get him in Canada. I'm off to check my tv listings.

  7. I just got back from the store and we are trying the soup & tacos tonight. I thought they'd be nice & light so we can indulge in all of tomorrows' goodies. Thanks for sharing Lorelei! I agree with Lynn your blog offers a nice variety of topics. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  8. Sam is hilarious. I love how he can never think of the word he wants to say. I wish he would make dinner for me. ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Joe!

  9. Hi everyone!
    Thank you so much. I try to keep it interesting for ya. I think I'd get bored too if I only ever posted about jewelry projects.

    I hope you all will love Sam as much as I do. He's the bomb..

    and I wish he could make dinner for me sometime too. ohh la la

  10. I love Sam! He's a local so I discovered his show here in San Diego quite some time ago and always crack up watching him! Some day I'll have to take one of his cooking classes, can you imagine how fun??!!


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