Hello! Sorry about not blogging yesterday. I've just been busy trying to get through the week to today. I am busily trying to get everything ready. I'm making Chocolate Chip Zuchini bread (a Cooking Light recipe that I've had and loved for 2 years!) and a Paula Dean Artichoke and Spinach Hot Dip that I found online. Also serving some triscuits, Tortilla chips, Hummus and Salsa. Coffee, soda, water. I said no to the wine. Although I do have some on hand in case anyone asks for it.

Well back to work. Here, while you're surfing- Check out some of my favorites on Etsy! I thought it looked like one of those beautiful treasuries....


  1. Good luck tonight! Don't stress too much - try to ENJOY yourself! (I would crack open the wine BEFORE everyone arrives :)

    Thanks for including me in your "treasury" - everything is very want-worthy.

  2. I hope you have a successful open house. I agree with have a glass of wine beforehand, but that's just me.
    Can't wait to hear how well it went.

  3. Have a great time! Have a sip of wine for me!

  4. Love your Treasury, they are fun to look at and there are some I've never been to. I know your Open house will go well. You're a good planner and I know you've given everything lots of thought. ;^)

  5. Have fun! Soak up all the love for your beautiful work.


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