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I am recovered today from a seriously scary headache yesterday that caused me to go home early. I was really worried it was going to manifest itself into a migraine because yesterday morning when I woke up, I had that weird disoriented feeling that I sometimes get before a migraine. But I didn't get that weird vision thing that I normally get right beforehand, so I felt like I could go to work. Once there though, I had a really hard time focusing and decided to take the afternoon off. I spent it on the couch watching Samantha Who? and Grey's Anatomy. By the way, this whole Izzy and Denny thing is getting a little weird isn't it?? I mean, he is DEAD right?? And then the previews for next week show them kissing and on their way to to the bedroom. I don't get it. I found myself concocting weird scenarios in my head like Maybe he didn't really die! and maybe now they can be together! Ok I think I'm feeling as crazy as Izzy is.

After feeling a bit better I took a ride to the bead shop to pick up the essentials that I had run out of during the open house preparations. Crimp beads, jump rings, a small strand of Czech glass, and I bought this little bird and nest from Earthenwood Studios. I just love this pair...they are my favorite thing that Melanie makes. And there is no better color combination than the pale blue and yellow. AND I threw in some red just to be crazy and my husband even said he thought it was a nice combination of colors.
There is just something about a good charm bracelet. Little treasures that you can play with and fondle. This one ended up being a little heavier due to the frosted Recycled coke glass beads that I used. But the color was perfect! I'm still enjoying making my own clasps as well. This hook clasp is a really simple design- but is imperfect and sort of rustic. Love that.
Ok, I'm ready for my wednesday. Bring it on.


  1. You're right about the Denny/Izzy thing - it would have been better if he would have went away when she burned his sweater. Oh well. See what happens.

    Love the charm breacelet and I like the idea of little charms to "play with and admire". Great piece and colors.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. very pretty!!!

    I get migraine's too (also with vision problems). Hope you are feeling better soon!


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