Second Post - Newbies

A successful night in the studio makes me a happy happy girl... I hope these make my customers

happy too! I only listed 1 so far. The others will go in the shop in the morning. But here's a nice

sneak peak of what to expect!


  1. what beautiful jewelry! i love all the colors that you have paired with the brass and copper!

  2. Thank you very much!! It's so nice to hear that... Sometimes I really struggle with color.

  3. Oh, pretty, pretty, pretty! (:
    These nice pictures brightened up my morning!

  4. Love them all! Love the Klimt pieces too!!!

  5. Your new pieces are gorgeous! And quite inspiring. Plus, your bead table is nearly identical to mine, which makes me feel better about things in general. :)

  6. Thanks Ladies!
    Hi Jamie! Welcome to my blogland.
    I'm glad you stopped in! Thank you for the kind words on my jewelry. :)


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