What's on your bead table?

My new weekly feature, what's on your bead table? I think it's an interesting thing to know- I'd love to see what is on your bead tables so send me some pics! either to my email or leave a comment with a link to you picture.
Above, is a pic from my bead table last night. How does it end up getting like this!??! What a mess! I think I need a bigger table. Or less tools. As you can see, I'm working on a necklace that I finished and listed last night. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I had gotten this part (shown in the pic) done fairly quickly but then I knew I wanted a second strand of beads but I couldn't really find something in my stash that was perfect with Heather's Humblebead, so the only thing I could come up with was champage colored pearls with a few extras for color added into the strand. What do you think of it? Should I rework it? I'm also thinking the wood beads are a bit big.

I also wasn't really very pleased with how the photograph turned out. I used the light box that I talked about yesterday, but the picture has a yellow quality that I thought I would have eliminated due to the REVEAL bulbs I put in the lamps. I think I have to figure out the White Balance on my camera. I found the spot where I adjust the white balance, but I can go up and it turns the pic bluer, I can go down and it turns redder. which is better???
Have a good Sunday!


  1. Don't even think about taking it apart. I think its beautiful!
    Faceted pearls are my favorite, and those klimt beads have so many colors in them.

  2. The natural light bulbs help, but you will get a yellowish cast until you adjust the white balance on the camera, you're right about that. The owner of the camera I use (my hubby) helped me do some test shots until we found the setting that worked best. Hope that helps - but each camera is different so you'll have to try some yourself, I think.

  3. Check out my blog post today to see my bead table. I just added the second table because I can't seem to stop buying beads! Is there a Beader's Anonymous?

  4. what a great idea! you are soooo tidy!!! I would be too embarrassed to send a photo of my mess.


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