You are my Favorite!

I got through the weekend unscathed. It was a good time, I really can't wait to do the Open House again. Might have to be a Bi-annual event.
And so some of the cash I made this weekend unfortunately has to go towards 4 new tires for my Camry. It sucks but it's the way it's gotta be. At first when my husband said, "well, I think you should think about new tires for the car", I had a bit of a hissy fit. And then I thought about it and realized that we do really need new tires and I have said time and time again that I will NOT be driving that camry in the snow until it has new tires on it. We don't really have the extra money right now so this all came at a pretty good time, since just north of us, got 12 inches of snow last night.
But the good news is, there is LOTS OF CASH LEFT for beady supplies. So, YAY!

I made it into the studio last night to "play" and I must say it was quite a successful night. I almost don't want to list these babies in the shop because I am just so happy with how they turned out. But you know me, and even though they are my favorites, I want someone to enjoy them too so in the shop they'll go.

Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. OOOOOOOOOooooo, I want that top bracelet if you want to get rid of it. I love it!!!

  2. Hi Dani!
    I'm getting ready to list it in the shop right now.. Stay tuned, I'm sure you can nab it if you're online.

  3. Anonymous11/17/2008

    Love your new additions!
    I hate when you have to buy "practical" things, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

  4. Lorelei,

    Beautiful!!!! Thank you for giving that tree such a wonderful home.

    - Elaine

  5. They are too pretty! LOVE them! A few years ago my Mom gave me a generous chunk of cash for my birthday. On our way home, our car broke down. Luckily I had the cash my Mom just gave me for my birthday!!!!! Whaah, whaaah, whaaah...


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