Aprons, Aprons and More Aprons!

I admit it. I have totally been ignoring my jewelry shop on Etsy, while setting up my mom's Textiles store. I'm so sorry to those of you who are waiting patiently for new pretties. I had intentions of working on some jewelry last night but then I got home and ended up washing all the aprons and ironing them. I can't believe 2 have sold already!! And to my jewelry customers, at that! Thank you so much for the people that are supporting me and my Mom and buying Handmade!

I had some trouble coming up with a cute FAST way to displaying the aprons. So I found some rope, and tied it to both ends of my old church pew (which sits in my foyer) I bought these amazing reproduction treen clothespins from Ernst and Thistle.

And then of course had to use some "props" so I decorated the bench with a berry wreath that Joe had bought me, and a little pig with wings that weighs about 50lbs! Not my initial grand display idea, but it worked for the time being.

I took a picture of the front, AND the back to show what the ties look like. Most of the aprons are lined with a coordinating fabric which makes them reversible, but I told mom that maybe she should place a pocket on the backside too. And then of course, I modeled each apron to show how it looks on. When I put each one on, I thought to myself, "OH my favorite! I might have to keep this one." I don't wear and apron but I think I'll start. They look so cute on! So now I'm on the hunt for some cute fabric to have Mom make me one special. There have been a few requests- Mommy and Me apron sets, Full length aprons, child sized aprons. I bought my mom a book for Christmas, so never fear! New designs are on the horizon!

Click here to see more aprons in mom's shop. P.S. There are few more aprons and a couple of totes that will be listed today.


  1. I think these are very sweet. I usually wear a full length apron and sometimes I need one that goes to my ankles(do they make one like that?)...I am a sloppy cook/dishwasher. I should probably get a rubber one. Wanted to tell you that there is a new magazine coming out in February.
    Called apron*ology by Stampington and Company. You can go to their website www.stampington.com and check it out. When I saw that I thought of your Momma. ;^)

  2. HEY!!
    Thank you so much for stopping and for the tip! I checked out that mag and it looks so great!! I can't wait to buy it for my mom. I'm thinking I'll pre-order it and have it sent directly to her. She will love it.
    :) I love the Stampington books, they are such nice publications.


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