Avoid the mall shoppers. Don't do it. seriously.

Here's what the past 26 hours entailed.

12/19: 5:30-6pm Nailbiting ride through the snowstorm 30 min. to the Christmas party

12/19: 6pm
-11pm Christmas party where I drank 2 Whiskey sours and 6 glasses of wine. (surprisingly enough, not totally hung over) and danced so much that I managed to get a blister on the bottom of my big toe and my knees hurt so much that I almost fell down the stairs this morning after I got out of bed.

12/20 7:30am-10am woke up, drank many many cups of coffee,played
Return to Ravenhearst until I got completely stuck and agitated, showered

10am- 1:30pm- Braved the mall like a complete idiot but the trick was to repeat this in my head the whole time: Stay Calm, Carry On. Bought 3/4 of what's left of our Christmas shopping.

1:30-2pm- ate lunch - first meal o
f the day, and was famished. 2pm-3:30pm- Wrapped all gifts, tags and ribbons and all.

3:30pm- 4pm- laundry, lunch
clean up, bathroom clean up

4:20-6:30- Went to the movies with my friend and saw
Four Christmases. Pretty funny movie, definitely recommended.

6:30-7:30- pizza

Yesterday I finished this gift (hopefully the receiver is not reading this blog):
I also made this bracelet and this pair of earrings:

I also made this necklace: Today in the mail I received 2 more gifts from Laurie at Old School Acres- hopefully the recipients aren't reading this blog as well) done. til tomorrow. adios amigos.


  1. I agree with you on the mall thing - we ran into 3 of the oddest people just at Macy's alone! Loud, rude, etc..

    Love the new pieces!

  2. You are a very, very brave girl. Either that or compleately NUTS!!!!!

    Love the owl - what a treat!


  3. Wow! Your work is just so pretty. The people on your Christmas list are very lucky. Happy Holidays :)

  4. It feels like there are at least 20 hours more in your days than in mine. I'm impressed.

  5. Lovely new designs and gifts! Happy Holidays, Lorelei! Enjoy!


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