Better Late than never!

bracelets galore!

I just spent the first half of my day beading like a maniac! Maybe I'm trying to overcompensate for being away from my beads for so long! ;) I was feeling especially creative and got quite a bit accomplished. A few designs that have been brewing in my head while I was away for the holidays, came to fruition this morning. I am quite happy with how they all turned out. This bracelet is my favorite - piece de resistance! Fun and colorful, I incorporated some neat lamp work glass rings from Blue Seraphim. I hand-forged the hook clasp and twirled some brass wire. Each section is curved a bit so that it fits comfortably on the wrist.

I also created this bracelet using Gaea Cannaday's ceramic swirly hook clasp. I added a ceramic Golem Studios bead among the ebony wood beads. A chunky substanstial piece that looks and feels great when worn.
I wanted to play with some beads that I had gotten from Andrew Thornton in the Artist Trading Card trade that I participated in a month ago. Read more about the trade here! Andrew sent me some of these pretty opalescent glass beads and paired with the purple and aqua, they come to life! I used a Vintaj Brass Co. lily connector as the focal.
I'll be listing some more pretties in my shop this afternoon. Look out for several pair of earrings, a necklace, and a few bracelets. I won't be adding them as NEW, but instead using older inactive listings so take a look throughout the shop to see the newbies!


  1. OMG, Lorelei! They are all gorgeous! I'm jealous, I haven't had time to bead in weeks :-(

  2. Oh, you've used the opalescent glass marvelously. I think you've really pulled that deep inner fire out with your pairings of colors and stone choices.

  3. OH! These are so pretty! I'm loving the brown and green theme! Sorry! I think I've over fed your fish!

  4. HI G! Thanks!! I am totally addicted to green beads. It's a real sickness. I just shopped the other day for like an hour on, and when I looked at the cart, all the flippin beads I picked out were teal, aqua and GREEN.
    P.S. how did the fish react did they just stop eating?

  5. Beautiful jewelry! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sweet. I really like the last one with the opalized glass. I'll stop back and check on what you are doing.


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