Friday- Very Large Post, Lots of stuff!

I was thinking about putting each separate thing in 3 separate posts today but then I figured some readers probably only come once through the day and would most likely miss the additional 2 posts. So I thought I'd lump it all into one!

First on the agenda... As you may have read on some other blogs the past few days, I was involved in a Charm/Bead swap that was organized by Lynn Davis. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO LYNN for planning everything, her very generous contribution to the swap, PLUS extras! And for being the one to collect them all and send them out, and the awesome fabric bag she handmade. Lynn , you really went above and beyond in this fun project and I thank you from the bottom of my beady heart!

Here is the bag that Lynn made. So cute!

Here are the charms that I received. The ladies involved were:
Lynn Davis
Heather of Humblebeads
Erin of Every Heart Crafts
Cristi of 2ifbySea

Mary Harding
Lisa of Lucid Moon Studio

The swap was inspired by
A Charming Exchange which I have in my collection and draw inspiration from all the time. It's a great book if you have a chance to pick it up, do so!
Now we play! We each use the charms in pieces of jewelry and blog our little hearts out. Click the participants links to see their charms and some of them have started creating already!

#2 on my agenda for today. I wanted to share with you some more of my watercolors. These are pieces that I did while I took my Watercolors class at Pratt. It was a great class and I hope to take it again soon. I made this little slide show for your viewing pleasure but it wouldn't work. darn it. SO, here are some pics. You can see the rest on my flickr page.

And finally #3.
I created this necklace last night while watching an episode of Friday Night Lights on my laptop. Inspired by my little owl watercolor, this piece features one of the Green Girl Studios bronze coins that I was lucky enough to purchase fr
om them. A beautiful owl coin!

I paired this rich bronze coin with some bronze seed beads, faceted nuggets of Sodalite, some iridescent glass seed beads, and a couple of strands of brass cable chain. I made the toggle by had and hammered it a bit on my bench block. I like how it turned out. Very rustic. I wish Vintaj Brass had smaller size toggle clasps like this. Yes, it's listed on ETSY! Better snatch it up quick before I change my mind and decide to keep it.

I'm beat.
Time to go to work!
Have a good Friday Ya'll!


  1. Bravo Lorelei, love the water colors. Geary and I are wanting to take some art classes at the art center. Only thing is I can't hardly draw a stick man. OK, I'm not that bad...But that's what classes are all about, right? Necklace is very'll go fast I'm sure.

  2. oh, wow, the watercolors, the necklace... all so very lovely. keep up the painting, you sly thing... who would've known you were an aspiring painter, too? i bet you would sell lots of them... have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks for the sweet words and kind thoughts about the exchange, Lorelei, it was such fun. And I simply can't wait to see what you make with the little goodies we all received!

  4. Ooookaaay... You never cease to amaze me. You are a very talented painter! Keep in up! When you're famous, I can say I knew her when...

  5. Oh and the necklace is also awesome. Love the hand-made toggle!

  6. Awesome! Necklace!

  7. Great job on the paintings! When were you at Pratt? That's just around the corner from here. Well, like 15 minutes around the corner, but that would have been cool to hang out and meet up!

    And BRAVA on the necklace! You've taken one of my favorite bronze coins and made a true gem of a piece. Good job!

  8. I love the cluster of charms you sent for the Blessings charm exchange. Thank you so much. Your watercolors are wonderful.

  9. HI Andrew.
    I wasn't at the Pratt in NYC, the museum where I work is actually located on the extension campus of Pratt at MWP, in Utica NY. Kids normally start at NY and then finish at Utica, or vice versa.
    Next time I'm in ny for work though, I'm calling you up and we'll get together for some coffee.

  10. Hi Lorelei!

    We must have been channeling each other when we made our charms...or we are both most thankful for our "homes"! I love your charm, and I can't wait to create with it. Thanks for participating in such a fun project!

    I also love your owl necklace...the bronze color goes very well with the navy blue!



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