Happy Christmas day!

I'm curious. Is anyone enjoying/feeding my fish?--------------------------------------->

A nice long day of gifts, a movie, dinner at the Chinese Buffet, dessert with family...and now we are decompressing in our pj's. Tomorrow morning we head back home. Then Saturday morning we travel to my mom's to do it all over again!
One thing is for sure. I have eaten entirely too much this holiday. Which is quite unfortunate because I was actually feeling like I had been doing well and had noticed that I really have lost a few pounds recently. I'm planning some new years resolutions this year, for a change.
I'd like to get into a regular exercise routine. I'm thinking of yoga or some ball exercises with some videos.

One thing that you can look forward to, this coming New Year is a big BIG Trade that I will be working on. I don't want to blow the surprise but it's going to be big. And fun. And memorable. And you don't want to miss it. So stay tuned for that.

I'm also looking forward to this upcoming year because of a few publications that will be featuring some of my work. It's a very very exciting prospect for me to think about seeing my name in print. I can't wait to be able to talk more about it. I have some projects I will be working on too that will end up in some exciting upcoming publications. I could jump up and down I'm so psyched!

I think this weekend, probably Sunday I am going to try to do some housecleaning in my Etsy Shops. Any ideas? Stuff you'd like to see? Stuff you'd like to see go? Sales you might like to see? i am hoping to work on some new jewelry for the shop this upcoming week. I'm looking forward to the new Stringing magazine that will be coming out on the stands on Tuesday.

Well that's it for me, for today. G'night!
and Have a Merry Christmas and an upcoming ROCKIN' New Year!


  1. I always feed your fish :D

  2. I love feeding your fish!

    I await to see what neat items you put on sale.


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