Momma's New Shop: Emee: Aprons, Totes, and Misc. textiles

So I'm getting there! I have got my mother's new shop all set up and now I'm just waiting for the goods!
She will be finishing up a few tote bags, and has 10 aprons to send too. So in all I'll have 12 aprons, and about 6-8 tote bags to list toward the end of next week. She said she'd be mailing them out to me this weekend.
Here's the shop front. I had ThompsonDesigns create the banner and avatar for her and Renee did a FANTASTIC job, I just love how it turned out.
Emee - was a name my mother decided on. Her name is Margaret Elizabeth, and her initials being M.E.- spelled into a word = Emee. I thought it was a sweet name! Unfortunately when creating the shop, Emee was taken and so I had to name the shop EmeeShop. Click the link and make sure to favorite the shop so you'll be the first to see her additions as I add them to her store next week!


  1. I'm anxiously awaiting the grand opening!

  2. My mom will be opening a shop now any day, too! 3 cheers for moms! (also, my initials used to be M.E., too)

  3. Charlene! Thank you so much!! I am excited to see the aprons she's been making. She's really so excited about it and I love that I've given my mom something to be excited about. It's been a long time. And she really could use the extra money too, so I'm so glad I could help. Now I just have to hope to make some sales for her!

  4. Hi Michelle!
    YAY for your mom too! Wahoo!
    what will your mom be selling on etsy? I can't wait to see.
    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Looking forward to your Mom's creations. I plan to be one of her first customer's because I need an apron desperately and I don't have time to make my own...

  6. Thank you Cristi!
    momma will appreciate it!


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