Monday. Zero degrees.

This is the cold that makes your nose hairs freeze. Why do I live in NY state? I have no clue sometimes. Because I hate weather like this. Not only that but we got about 2 inches of snow. And the roads are covered. And I have to drive to work.

It was a nice weekend. A bit busy. Saturday I got my hair cut. I'm getting used to it. I'm trying to master the flip again. It's been so long that I almost forgot how to do it.
Then I went to store and bought some stuff and went home to make Peanut Butter Chip brownies and an Spinach Artichoke dip for a party we went to that night. It was a good time. Lots of good food/snacks. I had a Chicken Wing dip for the first time and fell in love. I'll have to find a recipe for that. Although I'd probably make it for dinner. It was THAT GOOD. Sooo bad for you but sooo good!
Sunday we went and cut down our Christmas tree. Got that up last night and decorated. No pictures yet, but I will eventually. I enjoyed the Nutcracker ballet yesterday with a friend. It was quite lovely. It had been quite a while since I've seen it. My favorite part was the Snow Queens dancing in an outdoor scene, and they dropped little cut up pieces of newspaper that looked like snow, for the whole scene! It was truly amazing, and made it so magical.
Then. The show is almost over and this high school aged girl behind me starts bitching up a storm about how one of the dancers is such a B***** and does cocaine. Then starts fighting with her mother. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BALLET. I turned around and gave her the "look of death" and said ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And she was like, "what" and I repeated myself. I thought later that it would have been so much better if I had thought of something wittier to say to her but all I could muster was ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Like, are you kidding me that I have to say anything to you at all in the middle of a performance??? She says "no, not really."
She shut her mouth after that and bee-lined it out of there right after. I was so angry. Why must people be so rude. I don't get it. And clearly her mother was not helping the situation but fueling the fire.
ahhh, got that off my chest. phew.

Ok. SO I did made some jewelry last night. This necklace is a custom order for a friend of ours. She drew up a design that she wanted and I put it all together and will be sending her pictures today. I hope she likes it or is honest about not liking it but I think it turned out kind of cool. The red beads photographed as bright red, but in diffferent light are actually quite dark in color.

Then I created this necklace for the Etsy shop. Just a simple design with a handforged steel wire U connector and a swirly hook clasp. I like the teal with deep red color combination. It has a bit of a wintery feel to it.
I was also excited last night when I found out I won two auctions that Andrew Thornton had on Ebay for his big blowout Studio sale. I won a set of various Artisan made Lamp work glass beads and a strand of Opal glass beads. Thank you Andrew!!


  1. And you didn't knock their heads together? How obnoxious! Some peoples children! ; )

  2. Anonymous12/08/2008

    Hi Lorelei
    My sister in law just made a chicken wing dip on Friday for the 1st time and my brother said it was fantastic. I've never tried one either. I'll get the recipe if you need it!

  3. Thanks for participating in the auctions! I'm so happy that you won something!


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