The Mushroom Fairy and a Charm Club

Introducing: The Mushroom Fairy:
I created this necklace last night while dreaming about a little fairy floating among the wild mushrooms in the forest. The idea was inspired by this awesome new ribbon that I ordered from Antica. It's the prettiest mushroom brown color and matches perfectly with this ceramic mushroom pendant from Gaea! (*thanks Gaea!!)
The creamy etched lamp work beads are Cindy Hoo. I've been hoarding them for months!

I love the airy, flowy feel that the ribbon gives this piece. I'm practicing using the ribbon for a bigger project that I'll be working on in a few weeks.
Another fabulous designer that uses ribbon in their work, is Nina Bagley. She always pairs it perfectly with other mixed media elements, like seed beads, and oxidized silver, and other fiber elements.
Pic. from the shop of
Nina Bagley.

This is a great example of Nina's use of ribbon. I love the teal color. I ordered some pretty egg blue ribbon like the mushroom brown. I am looking forward to playing around with this next.

Next topic:
a letter to santa.

I was lucky enough to have a little guardian angel reading my blog (THANK YOU N) and I will now be part of the Charm Club from Andrew's Blog! YESSSSS!
thank you!


  1. Anonymous12/16/2008

    I played Santa to myself and have a spot in Andrew's charm club. I am so excited.

  2. l u c k y !!!

    I'm just praying one of my family members or friends reads this blog post. or santa.
    I just ran out of funds. til the next sale.

  3. Wow!! You never fail to show me a new way to look at the pendants and beads! The mushroom pendant was one that never made it to the web site but the single mushroom did and I may have to rethink that! This is such a stunning necklace! Man oh man do I want in on that charm club!

  4. hi gaea!
    thank you so much! Your pretty pendants make it so easy to create cool jewelry. I love the colors of the glaze on this mushroom pendant. It was definitely one of my favorites that you sent me in this last batch.

  5. This IS magical!!!! Absolutely! Oh, how I love it! Definitely one of my all time favorite designs by Lorelei!!! I wish I had the money to buy it, Lorelei. I really do. Someone will snatch it for sure.

  6. Oh Erin, thank you so much! It's nice to hear that this piece has some good potential. I hope it sells! i hope i hope i hope i hope!!

  7. Lorelei, etched lampwork mushroom beads, you are lucky. The ribbon & chain combination goes nicely with it!

    at Rings & Things

  8. Hi Dave!
    Thanks for stopping in today! Thank you for your nice comments on this necklace. I'm sitting here wondering why it's not flying out the doors of my etsy shop. hmmmm?


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