New Years Evedom

No big New Years Eve plans. Just chillin' at home with my love with some Chinese take-out, watch a little tv. Probably to bed even before midnight. I know, we are so lame. But it's just not worth it to go out. Every year it seems like the weather this night, gets worse and worse. So not only are you battling the snow, but also battling against other drunk drivers on the road. No thanks!
I'm thankful for a day off tomorrow. YESSS! And then back to work for one more day.
I worked on a few pieces last night, that I listed this morning on Etsy.

I feel badly that I'm ignoring my 1000 Markets shop. I don't know why. It's not intentional. I'm bummed that I've only made one sale. Maybe it's that Amazon Payments thing that people are afraid of. Maybe paypal is just more convenient for shoppers.
I'll give you a deal. Purchase something from my 1000 Markets shop The Owls Den, and I'll send along an extra goody with your purchase. Could be one of three types of jewelry. You just never know!!


  1. Anonymous12/31/2008

    Hi Lorelei

    Oh you've shown such beautiful new pieces of jewelry! I especially love the ojime bunny necklace and the new spotted bird necklace! So tempted to chose one but I just made a big necklace purchase on Etsy... :-( Happy New Year to you!

  2. Hi Cindy!
    Well I hope you consider my shop next time you're in the market for some handmade bling.
    Have a good New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, Lorelei! Thanks for being apart of my last year... you're a rock star!

    I had some crazy plans lined up for New Years Eve, but I think I want to have a quiet night here at home and relax and recover and dream beautiful dreams instead. I know my body is thanking me for not subjecting it to frigid temperatures and wild party plans.

  4. Your (non-lame) evening sounds just lovely. Honestly, I would much rather stay home and chill. I have a house party to go to tonight and it is going to be very cold outside. I'm taking public transit.
    Have a great New Year!

  5. Home is where I wanna be New years old like a good ol fuddy duddy! LOL My Grandmother used to call us all that and I was 20 at the time! I love this pc with the crown! x


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