Ornament Frenzy

Looking for some nice handmade, from the heart, one of kind ornaments for your tree this year? I've got 2 Etsy sellers that are creating their hearts out this Christmas season. Check them both out and order some ornaments, wouldja!!??

First up, Beth Anderson. A long time customer of mine, and friend, has opened her own etsy shop and is featuring a myriad of different ornaments, from Snowmen, to Bunnies, from felted beauties to hand hooked rug ornaments. Here are the ornaments I've recently received. Gotta say, they are THE BOMB DIGGITY, fo sho. Very well made, and cute as can be. They'll even be adorable off the tree and around the house all winter season!

Another favorite Etsian of mine is Corid. I'm sure you HAVE to be family with Cori Dantini's whimsical, feminine paintings and prints, but every Christmas season, she ends up making one of a kind christmas tree ornaments and I was lucky enough to work out a little trade for a few of her 2008 Owl designs. They are so adorable! And again, versatile enough to go from the tree, to the studio all year round!


  1. I am so honored to be written up in your blog. I feel like Queen for a Day!
    Thanks my friend - you are the bomb diggity!
    Corid's work is so lovely - such talent - I'm envious.

  2. I would love to have an entire Xmas tree decorated with owl ornaments....I better start collecting!


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