Saturday- Christmas No. 2

Santa's visit (Santa=Joe)

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a lovely time in Connecticut. Today we are jetting off again to my Momma's house for the day. Looking forward to gifts, giving and receiving, and a homemade turkey dinner! Thought I would share a few pics with you before I go.And of course when I got home from being away for 3 days, I needed to bead a little- get it out of my system for another day. Here is a bracelet that I created. I am listing it on Etsy now. I love how it turned out. The different colors of metal work well together with the softness of the ribbon. And Green Girl Studios pewter heart Think of Me charm, finishes the piece off perfectly by adding a bit of feminine charm.


  1. That bracelet is gorgeous!!! The color combo is wonderful.

  2. Anonymous12/28/2008

    Lorelei - I so much appreciate seeing and reading about your work. Thanks, truly, for sharing with people like me - struggling beaders!

    I'm wondering if you'd be willing to tell me what gauge wire you're using to wrap your beads in these nice bracelets? It looks fairly thick - but of course at a certain thickness it becomes too difficult.

    Thank you, Elizabeth K

  3. Hi Elizabeth!
    I use a variety of different wire gauges.
    For example- on this bracelet in this post, I believe I used 24 gauge. Nice and small for the pearls.
    But in other bracelet where I use lampwork glass beads, I like a hefty wire- my favorite is 18 and 20 gauge.
    Hope that helps!
    Oh if you are looking for good brass wire, buy it from my friend Heather at

  4. Anonymous12/29/2008

    Great holiday photos!

    I love the look of this bracelet...the fabric components look fantastic with the metal!

  5. Anonymous1/01/2009

    Thanks so much, Lorelei - I went to patinaqueen and did it!

    Elizabeth K


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