Studio Revamp, and more sale items...

Last night, I decided to re-organize, and rearrange my studio. It's a pretty small room. Just so much you can do with it. But I got another table over the weekend to accommodate my light box to get it off the floor of the office. And the way the plugs are in the room, it need to be on the right, due to the fact that there is no plug on the left. However, smart cookie that I am, incorporated an extension cord for light on the left side of the room, and then got a hefty warning from my husband, the warden, about having too many things plugged in at the same time. hmpf.
Here's the outcome. I decided to form two of the tables into an L shape, and since it's winter, I didn't really need to be looking out the window. I moved around some of the plastic drawer systems, and now have room for all the trays of beads, on one table. Then the other table, which hold's the lightbox, also has a nice area for say, packing, or orders to be sent out, or a place to put stuff, like I don't know, my glass of wine? My countless magazines I'm addicted to? My cat? :)
The room is still lacking a few things. Wall shelves above my workspace so I can get the pottery dishes out of my way, and is there some sort of wall mounted plier holder? I need that. Also a light color rug, because the one I have now is a big "black hole" when I drop beads and wire. I am sure there are all kinds of treasures on it, if only I could find them.

Now, here is today's blow out sale - these four necklaces are now reduced to $23.50 a piece. That's like pretty much FREE. so get on it! Where the heck are the shoppers these days? Don't you know there are Made By Hank bags that I need to buy? and CSerdan bracelets I've been coveting? Nevermind the countless handmade Christmas presents I still need to purchase.
So, I am b e g g i n g you. Please please make a purchase/donation to my etsy shop today. Plllleeeeaaaasssseeee!


  1. Your studio looks great! Some day I will perhaps, possibly, maybe be half as organized and tidy. :)

  2. I am so jealous. Only your rug is a black hole. My entire studio is a black hole. Well done! And the necklaces are fabulous.


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