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I had such a great day yesterday, staying home, beading, sitting around in my pj's most of the day! But SNAP! I'm back to reality today as I look out the window and see all the neighbor's garbage cans floating around the road, the gusty winds, the fine freezing snow blowing around. Yes. I must drive through this to get to work today. Really looking forward to THAT! I'm slowly reverting back into my bead paradise in my head. I received some beads yesterday from Sue Kennedy (SUE BEADS) Sue and I traded beads for jewelry. I sent her the chunky necklace from the Collaboration. Remember this?

Sue sent me 2 sets of her lovely etched lamp work glass beads. They are absolutely gorgeous! I may have to keep them a while, look at them and fondle them, every once in a while. So pretty, I don't know how I could use them!

Last night as I was watching an episode of Friday Night Lights on my laptop in the studio, I created a bracelet using a couple of Teal green multi-hole links that Lynn Davis sent me from a blog giveaway. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I wanted to use brass chain. I wanted to use them as multi-strand connectors. Coming up with a clasp solution was the toughest part of this bracelet. It's a little long, and would have to be altered but you get the general idea.

After a bit of a chat online with my friend Nancy, I was inspired by her love of rabbits, and created this simple long necklace using a handmade carved Ojime rabbit bead. I thought of Nancy when I bought this bead.

He's such a cute little bunny. But looks a bit devious too. I am hoping the charms I attached below him don't really look like the rabbit is pooping them. ;) No getting around that I'm afraid, due to the hole placement.

Hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday!


  1. Hi Lorelei I look at your blog sometimes and your jewellerys so nice! (I have seen you thru Andrews blog) I love this rabbit awwww lovely! And I think now I want lol a table Christmas tree too...yours is so Darling! My Grandmother used to have a table topper and Ive always loved them. Your house is cozy too! x

  2. Hi Janet!
    Thanks for stopping in!
    Actually that table top tree is my Mother in law's. It's so sweet though- the way she set up her Christmas village underneath it. And she found this very cool white blanket for underneath the village that lights up with white lights.
    My tree is in an earlier blog post. A full size, spruce lovely full of white lights and owl ornaments. :)

  3. I don't think anybody would mind a charm-pooping rabbit... ;) Such a lovely piece!

  4. Love that chunky necklace, which I must have missed. And of course, hello wonderful rabbit you are my fav :)

  5. Anonymous12/30/2008

    Ohmygoodness, you just keep outdoing yourself, girl! Love it all. But I agree with you that those Sue beads are so exquisite, it would be very hard to use them. I'd be carrying them around going, oooooh loookkk, to everyone! Happy New Year, my dear!

  6. Oh Lorelei! That silvered bead set is gorgeous! I'd wanna hold onto them to fondle them as well, lol.

  7. Hi Lorelei, I love those beads of Sue's. What a lucky score for you!

    at Rings & Things

  8. Cutest bunny necklace ever! Thanks for thinking of me. :)

  9. I am LOVING the bunny necklace and you made great use of Lynn's links! Very cool!

  10. what a cute little bunny!!! love your blog banner too

  11. Love the way you used the connector beads, Lorelei - I am always amazed at the unique and creative ideas you have. I was thinking of them as connectors of course, but using them on the clasp like that is genius!


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