The Warm Glow of Christmas

Thought I'd share some Christmas images from my house today. The tree we cut down from a small grove of pines, went up without a hitch. The perfect shape, the perfect height. The ornaments all hanging in their right spots. The scent of pine and sap hangs heavy in the air.
My grandmother made this quilted tree skirt a few years ago. It has special meaning to me every year, as this is year 2 that Grandma has been gone. I miss her dearly.

Pretty brown paper and ribbon wrapped packages sit beneath the tree, begging to be opened. Christmas this year comes in small packages, mostly handmade goods.

Even the tags are handmade from Etsy seller Ernst and Thistle.

One of my most favorite Christmas decorations is this handmade wood cutout Christmas tree wrapped in lights, made by my favorite Aunt and Uncle. It's perfect to light up the foyer, with it's warm glow of white lights.
Another decoration that came out this year for the first time in our new house is my little Christmas village that I have gotten one house/building at a time from my mother in law. I placed it on top of the new buffet, it was just the right size for all of the buildings and people.


One of my favorite houses...
One of many reasons I love my generous husband, here
he is snowblowing all 4 of our closest neighbor's driveways.

I am offering free shipping in all 3 of my shops from now until Christmas. Details are in each shop announcement. Happy Holidays from my house to yours!


  1. Anonymous12/17/2008

    Oh Lorelei, you home looks so warm and inviting. I love the tree skirt. Lucky neighbors!

  2. Thanks Norma!
    I was just editing the post to say that my Grandma made that quilted tree skirt a few years ago. I absolutely love it and cherish it every year. I hope it lasts forever.

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the new look of your blog, too. The cutout Christmas tree looks perfect!

  4. What a warm, beautiful home you have. Everything looks so cozy. And, yes, you do have a thoughtful husband.

  5. Anonymous12/17/2008

    Hi, I love your blog. Saw it for the first time today (Andrew's hint) and read all the way through it 'til September. Wow - cool stuff. Are you teaching classes?

  6. Hello Miss/Mister Anonymous!
    Thank you so much for stopping in and leaving a comment! I am honored that you think I would be worthy of teaching classes. I do not, but that would be cool if I did!

  7. Awwww! Sooo sweet! I've been eyeing the village houses at our local stores. My kids love them! You have SNOW!!! I'll be happy with the coco sipping weather we are having but mud angels are not a cute a snow ones! I miss my grandma too. It is a good time to think about them, and miss them.

  8. So pretty. Thanks for sharing. My grandmothers are long passed, as well, and I cherish the memories of Christmas long ago in Ohio growing up.

  9. Anonymous12/17/2008

    your home looks beautiful Lor,
    and many memories fill my heart the tree I have in my own livingroom, I wish with all my heart to see my Dad sit before the saws and cut out just one more.
    I love you both and wish you the Merriest of Christmas's and Happy New year my Favorite cousin. your jewlery is as perfect as you are =) ilu Ellen

  10. Thanks Ellen.
    Thanks for stopping in. And for your comment.
    I hope you and the girls have a wonderful Christmas too! I of course, misplaced your address again, but you aren't missing much.... no handmade cards this year. too busy!! :)

  11. Lorelei, your home is so inviting. Like a cosy nest. I love the tree skirt and how it was made by your grandmother. Also that village on the buffet makes me want to shrink to 3 inches tall and hop on over there. Precious! Thanks for inviting me inside :)

  12. I love your Christmas house. It looks so warm and cozy. This is my favorite time of year.

  13. Anonymous12/17/2008

    Lovely decorations! And what a sweet husband! We are going to cut down our tree tomorrow :) I can't wait for that pine smell!


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