Watercolors and Art Exchange

I took a watercolor class at Pratt a couple of years ago and haven't really done any watercolor painting since the class. When Andrew Thornton had his art exchange on his blog, trading his handmade Trade Cards for exchanged items, this gave me the perfect excuse to dig out my paints and create something especially for him.
Andrew shares my same obsession with owls and I knew that I wanted to include one in my artwork. I really loved making this and am quite happy with the outcome of it. Andrew will be blogging about some of the items he's been receiving in the exchange but I wanted to jump the gun and show my painting here too.
My husband was quite impressed with this little masterpiece and wanted to immediately know why I wasn't selling these on Etsy. HA! Like I don't have enough to do already. I barely see him as it is. But I guess I would take special requests maybe. I'd have to think about it.

Andrew is having a big Ebay Yard sale right now. I'd check it out while you've got time. He's actually selling one of my most favorite necklaces from Stringing Magazine. Oh if I had the money I'd be jumping on it. You know you want it. Go, go now. Here's the link.


  1. Wow! Your painting is great! "Hoo" knew you painted. I'm sure Andrew will love it.

  2. you should do more painting!! that little twitter is adorable.

  3. Thanks Ladies! I may just do that. Especially after the holidays when things calm down a bit.
    I'm thinking it would be cute to do a small series of owls in different backgrounds.

  4. Awww! Too cute! A note card or post card would be soooo cute!

  5. Hi Gaea!
    What a great Idea!! I love it! I'm going to do it. Totally.
    Just like a small set of four. Maybe I'll make my own envelopes too out of scrapbook paper.
    Packaged up with a pretty ribbon! That would be a great gift, or blog giveaway, or even something to add to my shop! ha!
    you're the best, thanks for the ideas!

  6. Thanks for mentioning my studio sale! And THANK YOU for such a lovely little painting! It's really lovely. Thank you for sharing it with me. I will blog about it when I get the rest of the trade results.

  7. The painting is awesome! Maybe you could use your original art for your logos or banners or something for your business! I think you should. I would if I was as talented as you!


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