25 Things

Align Center1. I have asthma. And will live the rest of my life taking an inhaler every day.
2. I'm allergic to pollen and cats. And yes, I own a cat.
3. My cat Marley is treated like my child, and is very spoiled.
4. When I was young, I was a picky eater. Now I'm picky about
how I eat. I like to eat things in three's.

5. Making jewelry seems to come quite naturally to me.
6. My parents got divorced when I went to college.
7. I am the oldest of 3. There is 16 years between me and my sister. There is 20 years between me and my brother.
8. I absolutely LOVE my birthday. It's my most favorite day of the year.
9. I am a Democrat.
10. I met my husband for the first time at college when he asked if I would buy him dinner on my meal card.
11. I've never been to the Caribbean. I've also never been to Central US or the west coast.
12. When I get nervous, my head itches.
13. I am really tall, at 5'10".
14. If I could afford it, I would get a breast reduction.
15. If I could afford it, I would have my nose done too.
16. This is the first time in my life where I've been Mostly comfortable in my own skin.
17. When I was a kid, I hated sleepovers and would beg to go home before bedtime.
18. I played the flute. And want to start playing again soon.
19. I've never broken a bone.
20. I have broken lots of hearts.
21. I have Deja Vu, A LOT.
22. In a past life, I think I may have been a photographer.
23. I miss my two Grandmothers so much it hurts my heart.
24. When I create a piece of jewelry, I only love it 20% of the time. The other 80% I think, well, Maybe??
25. I am completely a self-taught jewelry designer.


  1. you're still breaking hearts with your jewelry!
    There is no doubt you have an artistic side - music, jewelry and the possible photography.
    Joe is paying you back for that first meal now with his cooking!
    Don't give up about the Caribbean, after all, you making it to Philly so now the sky's the limit!

  2. Wow - I learned a lot about your today. Thanks for sharing yourself and your jewelry!

  3. Anonymous1/22/2009

    You and I are very much alike :)

  4. Anonymous1/22/2009

    Aww, that was nice to learn more about my little bloggy friend! You are so talented, my dear. You and I are the same height. You don't need a nose job- you're lovely, but I can relate to the reduction thang. I love to knit but never knit any sweater for myself cuz they just wont fit or look good over the "twins." Maybe we should all do a 25 thing post....hmmm.

  5. Thank you Everyone for your nice comments today! I hope I didn't scare any of you away by my TMI (too much information) post! lol

  6. Unrelated comment question... did you make the beaded beads in this necklace or did you buy them?


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